How to connect OTG

Any mobile device can be connected through OTG cable like pan drive keyboard mouse etc., it is a cable that allows us to have USB port in our mobile, and put that OTG cable in our phone with that cable. You can connect devices like mouse keyboard in the U.S., but connect the OTG cable at your own risk because if you connect an OTG cable, it may increase your battery consumption.

how to connect otg

Note: To connect OTG, you must have OTG cable and you can find out by visiting any computer shop, you can easily get OTG cable for around ₹ 100.

  • First of all plug the OTG cable into the charging pin of your phone
  • Now insert the keyboard, mouse, pen drive, etc. into the USB port of the OTG cable that you want to use
  • your phone go to your phone’s settings
  • Other networks and connections में जाएं
  • Turn on OTG Butter

OTG cable will be connected Now you can operate your device through OTG in any way you want.

how to use pen drive in phone

If you want to run pen drive in your phone then you have to use OTG cable in your phone, you have to insert your pen drive in the USB port of OTG cable, and connect to your mobile and enable OTG connection from setting.

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