How to check network strength, speed

Many times our internet runs slow or we are not able to make calls properly, that is, there are networking problems overall, in such a situation, first of all we should make sure that what is causing this, because behind this happening There can be many reasons, one of which is how is the network strength at your current location, because if the network strength at your area location is very weak then in any case you will not get better network experience, your internet may run very slow.

Because network tower also has a range that how far it can deliver a better network, like you can understand network strength one can be best, second average and third very weak strength, so you have to check this That is in which range you come because if there is any other problem then you will be able to solve it very easily and very quickly but if there is network strength problem then you will not be able to solve networking issue and you will always be able to solve your mobile network If you are troubled by this, then you should check the network range of your telecom tower.

How to check network strength in my area

All mobiles can analyze mobile network strength in which range of the phone network that phone is in and how much network strength is there, and you do not get the option to see network strength in all phones, but if you in android users then you Very easily, using your mobile, you can now check the network strength at the current location.

  1. First of all go to your phone’s settings
  2. Go to About phone and scroll down the page, the number of SIM cards installed in your phone will appear i.e. Sim 1 and Sim 2
  3. Click on the SIM whose network strength you want to check, such as Sim 1status or Sim 2status, click on it
  4. Now the details of that SIM card will appear like its network strength, network operator etc.
  5. In signal strength you will get dBm and asu and this is the current strength of your signal out of which asu should be 40+

What should be the mobile network strength

If your asu is not 40+ then you are not in better network range you may have internet connection problem, and if you are further away from your existing network tower then asu may be 30 or even less, And if so, then you will get very slow internet, your internet may not work, and the network strength shown in this setting is in real time, that is, as soon as the network in your mobile is better i.e. you will have a better network. Asu will automatically increase if you are within range, and will decrease if you go out of network range, and you will be able to use this to find out the network range in your current location very easily, no matter where you are, and If asu is 50+ then you will get very good internet speed you will be able to use internet without any interruption.

How do I find the strongest network in my area

If you want to see which company’s network range is better in your area, then you have to look at the network coverage in your phone, which has been mentioned above and you can connect the SIM of different companies to their network. You can check the strength, and if the network strength of the company whose SIM card you are using is not better in your area then you will not be able to increase the network strength in any other way, because it is directly related to that network tower And in such a situation, it would be best for you to use another company’s SIM card, whose network strength is better in your area and you can check it very easily if you want.

How to check signal strength of all available network operators

Not everyone uses the same company sim card, but you will find many people in your neighborhood who use different company sim cards, maybe you also use more than one sim card, and That too from a different company, in such a situation, you can see the SIM card network strength by going to the About section in everyone’s phone, or you can see the network strength by installing their SIM card in your phone, and if you want this If you want to see how many network operators are present in your area, you go to your phone’s settings and search for networks by going to network settings, there will be a list of all the companies whose networks are being found in your current location, but all The strength of this can be different.

How can I test my 4g strength?

Whether you have 4G network or 5G or 2G or 3G it does not matter at all, you are using any generation network, the process is the same for all, you just have to go to the settings of your phone. and to check sim status

How to increase network signal strength in Android

There are many reasons due to which our mobile does not get better network strength and those reasons are mentioned below, you can increase your network stand by following them.

  • The network strength is also very low when you are getting network from a tower that has a lot of traffic because if the more people move up on a tower the more your network strength will go down then if this is the problem So you cannot remove it even if you want, because everyone buys a recharge plan by paying money, so no one will stop using the internet.
  • And the biggest reason for low network strength is, the distance between your location and the network tower, if the tower is far away from your location, then 100% network strength will be less.
  • Even if you have covered your mobile, there may be a region of low network strength, however if the distance between you and the tower is not much, then using the cover does not affect the network strength much but if If the distance between you and the tower is more, then the cover of your mobile can also become the reason for downing the network strength in your mobile, so if you have installed any cover in your mobile, then take it out and check it once.
  • Even if you are in a single strength room there will be a problem with network strength and everyone faces this problem, you leave your room or go to the terrace will definitely improve your network strength
  • If your phone is too old then you will still have network strength problem, and if you want to practical this thing then take a new device and open your old phone and check network strength in both you phone. The difference will be visible in the network stand
  • If you are facing a lot of problem of low network strength then you should buy a network booster, which will help in improving your network strength but for this you may have to invest a little bit, because in order to buy network booster, For this you have to pay and network boosters are available in many ranges, you can buy network booster as per your choice.
  • If the signal strength of your existing network provider is very weak, then you should check the network stand copy of any other company and if its network stand is better then buy the SIM card of that company 

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