How to check email

At this time email has become necessary for every internet user, even in job applications, Emails are required. Surely you will have an email account.

Although each internet user uses Email because an email account is essential for android phones and that too Google mail, most internet users never check their email and the reason is that they never need it.

But if you have entered an application online, you will need to check your email because all notifications you receive on your Email.

Checking mails is also the same way as you check your normal messages, just for this, we have to use a mail system and configure our email account.

By the way, there are many mailing apps through which you can check your email, but Gmail is the most used mail in the world, and the Gmail app is already installed on all android phones.

Although both Email and Gmail apps are already installed on android phones, we will use Gmail, (don’t get confused about Email and Gmail both are the same)

And definitely, your email account will also be on Gmail, however, it does not matter whether your email is on Gmail or yahoo mail, etc. It is the same way to check everyone’s email.

How to Check my email by phone

First, open the Gmail app that is already installed on your phone and click on got it

open your Gmail app

Now all your email accounts will appear here, that you have added to your phone.

Clcik on take me to Gmail to check your Emails

But if this list doesn’t have an Email account whose Email you want to check, click on “+Add another Email address”

You’ll find many options such as Google i.e. Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo mail, etc. Click on the mailing platform that you use and log in by entering your credential.

Let’s assume that you have a Gmail account, click on Google and enter your email address and click on Next, and log in by entering your password.

But if you are already logged in with the Gmail address in your phone, after opening the Gmail app, you do not need to log in, just open the Gmail app and click on “TAKE ME TO GMAIL”

Click on three lines and click on “All inboxes”.

Click on three dot

Click on all inboxes to check your emailsAll the mails of your email will be displayed, by scrolling the page you can see all the mail and click on any mail you want to check.
Your mail will be open.

How to check email

The profile picture of your email account will appear on the right top, if you are logged in with multiple emails on your phone and want to check the mail of another email, click on your profile picture, all your email accounts will be displayed. Click on the Email you want to check.

Click on Your profile picture

How to check emails

You can check your mail by clicking on the mail you want to check. And if you want, you can also delete other mails and change the profile picture of your Email account.

How to Check my email by computer

If your email is on Google ie Gmail then open if it is on yahoo, open and log in by entering your login credential, let’s assume that your email account is on Google (Gmail).

open and enter your email address and click next

Enter your Email account

Enter your password and click next, if your login credentials are correct, you will be accessed in your Gmail account.

login by entering your password

But if you don’t remember the password of your Gmail account, you can reset the password of your Gmail account and create a new password.

After login, you will get to the Gmail homepage, where all your mails will be shown. In starting, your latest emails will be shown, by scrolling the page and you can also see the rest of the emails.

How to check emails

Click on whichever Email you want to open, you can read it like a normal message. And if you want, you can also reply to that mail by clicking reply.

You can even delete them if you want, you can also print, you will get many options that you can implement on your email.

Categories will appear on the left side, if you want, you can go and check their Emails. To see all categories click on More and scroll down and click on the category of which mails you want to check.

Click on more to see categories

Because not all Emails are shown in the inbox, maybe some mails are gathered in your categories, their categorized division depends on the Gmail algorithm and your mails.

So you can check your Emails by going to categories or if you want, click on “All mail” to see all the Emails, “All mail” category includes all mails of your email.

Click on all mail to check all your mails at once

And if you’re sure that someone has mailed to your Email but if you don’t get your mail in the inbox or “All mail” you should check the “Spam” category because some mails are also put in the “Spam” category.

And then even if that mail is not spam but in some cases, Gmail marked it as spam but don’t worry it happens rarely so you’ve learned to check email.

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