How to check email messages on phone, How do I see my email messages, How do you check if an email is received

At this time email has become necessary for every internet user. Even in job applications, emails are required. You will definitely have an email account, but if you do not, then first create your email. How to check email

Although every single internet user uses email. Because email account is very important for android phones and that too Google mail. But most internet users never check their email. And the reason for this is that they never need it.

But if you have subscribed online and entered an application, then you will need to check your email. Because you will get all the notifications on your email.

So don’t miss any important notification from you. For this it is very important to know how to check email, and if you want, you can also reply to those emails.

how to check email

Checking email is also the same way as you check your normal messages. Just for this we have to use some mail system. And you have to configure your email account.

Well, there are many mailing apps out there. Through which you can check your email. But the most used mail in the world is Gmail. And the Gmail app is already installed in all android phones.

Although both Email and Gmail apps are pre-installed in android phones. But we will use gmail, (don’t get confused about email and gmail both are same)

And your email account will also be on gmail only. However, whether your email is on gmail or yahoomail etc., it does not matter. The way to check everyone’s email is the same.

 how to check email from mobile

  1. Open Gmail app and click on got it
  2. “TAKE ME TO GMAIL” पर click करें
  3. Click on “All inboxes” by clicking on three lines
  4. check email by sliding the page

The profile picture of your email account will appear on the right top. If you are logged in with mulitple email in your phone. And want to check the mail of any other email. So click on your profile picture, all your email accounts will be visible. Click on any email whose mail you want to check. The mails of that email will be opened.

You can check your mail by clicking on the mail you want to check. And if you want, you can also delete mails. And you can also change the profile picture of your email account.

 how to check email from computer

If your email is on Google ie gmail, then open, if it is on yahoo then open And login by entering your login credential, let’s assume that your email account is on Google (Gmail).

  1. Open and enter your gmail address and click on Next
  2. Enter your password and click on Next
  3. All mails will be shown In starting your latest mails will be shown
  4. Click on any email you want to open
  5. That email will be open, and you can read it like a normal message. And if you want, you can also reply to that mail by clicking on reply.
  6. You can even delete them if you want, you can also print them, you will get many options, which you can implement on your email.
  7. Categories will appear in the left side, if you want, you can go to them and check their emails. Click on More to see all categories, and scroll down and click on the category you want to check emails for.
  8. Because not all emails are shown in the inbox. Some emails which belong to the category, the email is put in that category. And it depends. On the mail of your incoming email and on the gmail category algorithm.
  9. So you can check your Emails by going to categories. Or if you want, by clicking on “All mail”, you can see all the emails in the same category. And you can also check them.
  10. And if you are sure that mail has come to your email, but if you do not get your mail in inbox or “All mail” then you should check “Spam” category. Because some mails are also put in the “Spam” category.
  11. And then even if that mail is not spam, but in some conditons they are put in the spam folder.

How to View Sent Emails

If you have sent an e-mail to someone. And you can follow this process to check to whom it is sent, how many times the email has been sent, all these things.

  1. First go to your Gmail application
  2. Click on line 3
  3. Click on St.

This list will show the emails that you have sent.

How to Check Email on Google

If you open an email application to check your email, such as if you use email or Gmail application, then it will be better for you. Because when any message comes on your email, you will get notification on your application. But if you will use a browser to check your mine. So you will not know automatically, whether a message has arrived on your email or not.

For this you will need a browser. For which you can use Google Chrome or Firefox etc., and you have to go to and login by entering your email account and password. There you will see all your email messages. And if your email account is not created on Google. So login to that email provider’s website. Using which you have created your email account.

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Enter your Google Account email address and click Next
  3. Enter your Gmail account password and click on Login

All the messages in your email account will be shown, you can click on any message you want to read that message. But if you are not able to login to your email account using browser. So this means that you may have forgotten your email address or password. Make sure that both your credentials are correct. After that login, and if still not able to login then try resetting your password. Of course you will be able to login to your Gmail account, and see your emails.

However, checking email is much easier. And if you login to your Gmail application with your email account. So for this you will not even need to check your email again and again. Rather, when any message arrives on your email account, you will start seeing it as a notification automatically. You can read that message by clicking on it. But email is an internet-based service, due to which hackers or spammers can also direct you through email. So before replying to any unknown email, or clicking on any URL or any file in that mail, make sure that you can trust it. And if you can’t trust then try opening that email by sending it to another device. Because it may be a malicious file that can hack your content / device.

So if you open that malicious url or file in your regular used device. In which you have logged on to your important website, or do any other important work. So maybe you will face problem when opening that file or url. But if you open that file or URL by forwarding it to another device, then even if something goes wrong, it will not cause you any problem at all.

In one article you learned how to check email. We hope this information will prove useful to you.