How to change WhatsApp language

If you use WhatsApp and the current language of WhatsApp is in another language you can change the language of Your WhatsApp, although the setting of WhatsApp automatically changes with the setting of your mobile language, like that suppose your phone is in english language then your whatsapp will also run in english, and if you change the language of your mobile from english to any other language then your whatsapp language will also change from english to the same language as the language In this you will have your phone but if you want you can also change it and use WhatsApp in your preferred language also, and in that case your WhatsApp language will not change according to your phone language.

how to change whatsapp language

  1. First go to your WhatsApp and click on the three dot
  2. click on setting
  3. click on chat
  4. Click on App Language
  5. Click on the language in which you want to run WhatsApp

Your WhatsApp language will change to your preferred language

How to change language in WhatsApp while typing

If you want to send messages by typing on WhatsApp in your preferred language, then you will not get any option in WhatsApp, instead you have to change your keyboard, you will be able to type in the language of your choice.

  • Go to your phone’s settings and go to language and input
  • Click on your existing keyboard and if you have installed any extra keys then click on G board
  • Language Click Here
  • Click on Add Keyboard
  • Now many languages ​​will appear, in whichever language you want to type in WhatsApp, click on it and add it to your gboard
  • Now go to your WhatsApp and write a message to someone
  • While typing a message, a language changer icon will appear near the space button in the keyboard, click on it, the typing language will come out in your language, now you can type in your language and send the message

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