How to change WhatsApp DP

If you have a WhatsApp account and you want to change your Whatsapp profile DP, then you can change it as described here and if you have a Whatsapp group then you can change its profile picture too (whether you are group admin or not it does not matter) any member of Whatsapp group can change group profile DP, Change WhatsApp DP.

There are many features in Whatsapp that people do not know about, whose information we have already published, like changing WhatsApp text font, creating gif through WhatsApp, and today in this article we will learn about changing WhatsApp DP.

Many people have confusion in DP and profile picture because they do not have a special idea about DP but there is no need to confuse about it because both DP and profile picture are the same.

Just the profile picture is called DP in short which means display picture, so whether you call it DP or profile picture there is no difference between them, although at this time most people prefer to say DP.

How to change WhatsApp dP

  • Open your WhatsApp application and click on the three dots button, now there will be many options in front of you.
  • Click on setting
  • Click on the profile picture/DP icon, you will get two options to select DP, camera, and gallery, if your photo is in the gallery then select the gallery and if you want to take a new photo click on the camera, the camera will be open, capture photo
  • If your captured photo is perfect then click on confirm and if you want to capture another photo, you can cancel and capture a new photo again.
  • Now there will be an option to crop the photo, you can crop it as you want to show in your WhatsApp DP.
  • Finally, click on done, now your WhatsApp DP will change but remember during this time your internet should be on.

How to change whatsApp DP

Your WhatsApp DP has been changed successfully

If you ever want to change your Whatsapp profile DP again, you can change it with this step.

Change WhatsApp Group DP

Note: Whether you are a group admin or not, but if you are a group member then, of course, you can change group DP.

  • First of all, go to your WhatsApp group and click on the header bottom
  • Now that WhatsApp group info will appear
  • If there is any DP already installed on this WhatsApp group, click on that profile picture
  • Even if there is no profile picture in this WhatsApp group, click on the same header section
  • Now click on the gallery and select image for your WhatsApp group DP
    And finally, click on done

The selected picture has been installed on your group DP

By the way, any member of the general group can change DP but if the group has been restricted by Admin, the group members will not be able to change DP.

If you ever want to change your WhatsApp DP or group DP, then you change by following the same way, Change WhatsApp DP.

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