How to change twitter username

If you are a twitter user and you want to run your account on another username, you can change your twitter account username very easily but if you want to use twitter and you don’t have a twitter account then you can create your twitter account by getting information from here I hope you already have a twitter account because twitter is quite a famous social network.

With this article, you can change the username of your Twitter account and even change your display name. Yes, twitter gives us permission to change your name and username.

However, you can enter any name for your Twitter account, but if you want to change the username of your Twitter account, you will only be able to set the username in your account which no one has already set in your account.

Because there can be only one username of a name throughout Twitter. We’ll learn here to change Twitter username.

How to Change Twitter Name

Go to and login to your account
Click on Profile, you’ll get to your twitter account click here on the Edit profile button

From here you can also change the profile picture, display name, Bio of your twitter account, but you have to change the name of your twitter account, so change your name in the name box and click on the Save button.

The display name of your twitter account has been changed and now let’s know to change Twitter username.

Although you don’t need to change the username, if you have a business, blog, youtube channel, or any other business, you must change the username of your Twitter account and have the username of your business name.

Although you’ll find whatever username you want, you should try to make sure that the username of the twitter account is similar to your business so that you get help to grow your business.

How to change Twitter username

Go to twitter and click on “Setting and privacy” after clicking on the more.

Here you will get a lot of setting options, from here you can change the setting of your twitter account completely.
To change the username, click on the username in Login and Security in which your existing username is also visible.

Change your twitter username, you can enter any new username but you will get it only if it is available otherwise you will have to enter another username for your twitter account, and when you get a perfect username, click on “Save” button, the username of your twitter account will be changed.

The name and username of your twitter account have also changed if you want to change your twitter display name or twitter username again in the future, follow the same process.

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