How to change Google’s language

Google works in English by default in everyone’s phone. How to change google language, But if you do not understand the English language, then you can change the language of your Google. And Google supports many native languages ​​of all countries, so you can use Google in different languages ​​spoken in your country. And if you want, you can change the language for all other Google services. How to change Google language.

default language

Most of all Android applications work according to the language of your mobile. Although all applications give the option to change the language. But the language is set to them by default. It is done on the basis of the language of the device. That is, if the language of your phone is in English, then the language of most of your applications will be in English. But if you change the language of your phone from English to any other language. So the language of many of your applications will also automatically change to C language. But if you want, you can change the language of such specific application or website individually.

How to change Google’s language

This procedure is for web browser users, if you use the Google app, follow the next procedure.

  1. First go to in your browser
  2. Scroll down the page and at the very last you will find the language option. In which all the languages ​​are shown, click on the language in which you want to use Google.

The language will change in Google but remember that only the language of Google’s content will change. This will not affect the page shown in Google search results. Because search results are shown from different types of websites. And whatever browser you are using, be it Google Chrome or Firefox. Whether you are using Google on a computer or on a mobile, the process will be the same for everyone.

How to change language from Google app

If you are using the Google app and want to change your language, you will need to follow a different process.

  1. First of all open your google application
  2. click on your profile picture
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on Language and region
  5. Click on Search language
  6. All languages ​​will appear here, click on the language in which you want to use Google.

The language of your Google application will change.

Although at present, whatever may be the language of your Google, but you can search anything in Google in any language as per your wish. For example, if your Google’s language is in English. And if you search in any other language then you will get the search result in that language. So in such a situation, changing the language of Google does not matter much because now you search anything in Google. So it will give search result according to your searched language and not according to the language set by you. But yes, we would suggest you to set the language of your Google Discover account, so that you get content in your preferred language in Google Discover.

How to change the language of Google discover

  1. First go to your google application
  2. Click on your profile picture and click on Settings
  3. Click on Language and region
  4. Click on Discover language and you will see many languages ​​in it. Click on the language you want to set up your Google Discover.

The language of your Google Discover will change and now you will get all the content in Google Discover in the same language. The language you just selected. And if you want to change your language again to your previous language, then you can select your contract language by going to the same setting. The language of your Google Discovery account will change again.

Why it’s beneficial to change the language of Google Discover

No language matters much when you use Google search. But your language will matter a lot for Google Discover. Because a lot of useful content is shown in Google Discover. Such as any important news or job related or support or news related to any political topic etc. Which may be very important to you. And if you have changed the language of your account from your Google to your preferred language. So the content will be shown in that language. And then you will be able to read those contents very easily.

But if suppose that the content shown in Google Discover is in some other language. And if you want to read it in your own language, then for this you can use Google Translate, the process of which is explained below.

  1. First of all install Google Translate application on your phone. And go to Google app and click on Accountant in Google Discover, like you want to read in your language.
  2. click on three dot
  3. click on translate
  4. Google translate will start translating your page, click 3 dot in translator
  5. Click on More language
  6. Click on the language you want to translate it into

All the content will be automatically translated into the language you have selected. And then it does not matter in which language the content was written. Rather, Google will automatically convert that content into your preferred language.

In this article you learned how to change Google language. We hope this information will prove useful for you.