How to change Facebook Language

Many people keep using Facebook in only a single language which they do not understand, if you also do not understand the default language of Facebook and you want to use Facebook in your local language then You can change the language of Facebook.

How to change Facebook Language

  • First of all open your Facebook application and in that you will get the option of three lines on the right side click on it
  • Scroll down the page and click on Language
  • Now all the languages ​​will be visible here, click on the language in which you use Facebook, the language of your Facebook application will change to the language you have chosen.

How to change Facebook language on laptop

  • First of all open on your computer and click on dropdown menu in right side and then click on setting
  • Click on Language
  • You click on Facebook language at the top and from the dropdown-menu select your language in which you want to use Facebook and click on save changes button

Remember, if you are logged in to your Facebook account in more than one device, then your Facebook language will change in that other device as well, that is, no matter how many devices you are logged into, but if you have the password of your Facebook account in one device. If you change, then the password will be changed automatically at all places.

Facebook post language

Apart from this, Facebook also gives us the option to select the post language, if someone has made a post in English language but you do not know English and you want to read it in any local language, then you can also set it and its option. we find the same in facebook language setting

  • Go to Facebook language setting and click on posts from friends and pages and select your preferred language and click on save changes

In this setting, Facebook already gives us the option to translate in our local language, but if you do not like that language, instead you use another language, then you can set it accordingly, after that on Facebook you can Whichever post you see in another language, you will get the option of translate in your local language, which is a very good feature.

How do you change the language back to English?

If you want to change your Facebook language back to English, then the same process will remain for this, just by clicking on the 3rd line on the right, go to the language and select English, your Facebook language will be English.

How to change language in Facebook Lite?

Whether you are using facebook lite or facebook full version or using facebook in browser but there is same process to change facebook language everywhere

Why my Facebook is in my local language?

If your Facebook is not in English but in any other language or your local language, then it may be your mistake or it may be according to your setting, if you install Facebook application then Facebook will ask you to set the language. Gives the option if you had selected your local language then your Facebook will run in your local language only if you want to change it to any other language or English then you can do it by going to the settings as mentioned above.

And the second reason why Facebook is running in your local language can be this which is

Facebook website language setting Vs Facebook app language setting?

If you use facebook website and change language in it then you get direct language but when you use facebook application then you get an additional option to change facebook language which is device language then if you have changed your language Facebook language setting is set to device language and you change the language of your phone to your local language then the language of your Facebook application will also change to your local language.

If you want to avoid this, go to the language setting in your Facebook application and select a language other than the device language in which you want to use Facebook.

Why did my Facebook language change?

Some of the main reasons for this could be

  • You may have set the language of your Facebook application on the device language, due to this setting, the language of the Facebook application also changes according to the language of your device.
  • If you are logged out of Facebook and go to another country, then you may see the language of that country when you open Facebook
  • You may have logged out of Facebook and activated the VPN for the location of another country before logging in again because even doing so changes your Facebook language.

So there is some region for the language of Facebook to be changed automatically but the region does not matter at all because whatever the region is, your Facebook has changed in any language, you go to the language setting of your Facebook account and change it in your language. And the whole process has been explained above that how to change Facebook language.

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