How to become a successful youtuber top tips, ultimate 15 steps

Hello everyone, it’s our second post on this blog and in the first article i have told you about apsole you can learn here what is apsole and now today i will tell you that how to become successful youtuber, so let’s start .

At this time everybody knows that how much traffic, how much competition is everywhere. So currently become successful person in any department almost too hard, also hard to become successful blogger, YouTuber . Because you know that how many YouTube channels, blogs is on same topic and lot of people making their YouTube channel on the same topic .

So easily you can say that on every topic have lot of YouTube channels and it’s very bad for beginners, Mostly for becoming successful because if your YouTube channel on the same topic, on which already have too much YouTube channels then what you will do .

So obviously now you have to do something better, which can make you differ and better from other Peoples on YouTube. Because there is no such technique which can make you a perfect & successful YouTuber without better performance and as much as better your performance, as much soon you can become a successful YouTuber .


How to become successful YouTuber in shortest time?

First of all note that there is no definite time to be successful YouTuber because you may have seen many YouTube channels, blogs which are not quite successful, even if they are very old but you may have seen many YouTube channels and blogs, which are quite popular & successful in a short period of time, even they are new .

So it is clear that those who are quite old YouTuber and they are not successful, then this the result of their negligence . And those who are new YouTuber but they are achieve great success then this is the result of their hard work. So you can decide that what you wants to become, successful or failure .

If you want to become a successful YouTuber, we can help you in this matter, but it’s depends only on you whether you will successful or not, because it’s depends on your work, we can only guide How you have to work that’s beneficial for you, so let’s start and learn how to become successful youtuber in shortest time .

How to become a successful youtuber step by step full guide

1. Perfect planning to start youtube channel

Perfect planning to launch youtube channel is most important because it can be attract peoples more and more, this can determine the future of our youtube channel mean that what is your goal? what can you do? how much better you can do? how much time you can spend for your youtube channel?

yes this is true, to making a perfect plan for start youtube channel can take some time 1 – 2 day but don’t worry, it’s too important .

because suppose that if you start you channel without any planning then how much time can it take, no idea . Maybe it can not succeed even after long time . It’s not just only for become successful youtuber, rather you do anything (bussiness, work etc.) making perfect plan is important for everyone, so that become successful everywhere .

Our article will guide you, you have to only follow it, you will get full idea what you have to do and how to do .

  • Choose a perfect topic for your youtube channel – Which are you most interested, what is your favorite work which you can do best dancing, singing, wrestling, fighting, stunts, cooking, designing, web design, internet, comedy, etc. whatever work you can do best, make him the topic of your youtube channel but just remember that do not select any topic who violates youtube policy, mean that do not select illegal topics for your youtube channel else you can’t become successful youtuber .
  • Choose available usernames –  Choosing a perfect username is very important for become successful youtuber, mean that you can select any username for your youtube channel but find out which username you wnat to select for your youtube channel, whether is available on social websites like as facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, etc or not, such as,, etc because in this way anyone can easily find us on social sites and join us, this can help us too much to become successful youtuber, because in this way our youtube channel can get a lot of views form social media sites .

So finally you have started your youtube channel with these guides. So far, do not have to do some special work, but now after started youtube channel you have to start your main work for which follow these steps .

2. Create your accounts on social media sites

Social media is necessary for become successful youtuber, how to be successful

social media is necessary to become successful youtuber

Create your accounts on 8 – 10 popular social media sites on which you can share your youtube videos so that your videos can get views, this is the most essential step for becoming successful youtuber. If you do not do this then understand that you are doing a big mistake because if you are thinking that you work alone silently and you can become successful then you are wrong.

so i have to say that if you wants to become successful youtuber fastly then you must share your every video minimum 8-10 social websites. In a way you can say that you are promoting your youtube videos for free,which are 100% legal & best process to become a successful youtuber .

So focous too much on social networks. Although i am a blogger but you know that social media is most important for both, bloggers and youtubers, and i ignored social media and i suffered consequence of this mistake .

So i don’t want that you make any mistake because mistakes can become us failure .

3. Video is king for become successful youtuber

However, we do anything, but if our youtube video is not better then in any case impossible to become a successful youtuber. So try to make best of best videos, even it can takes a bit more, but don’t worry, this will give you very well result also try to focous on quantity.

Because Video quantity is also important, but quality is more important more than quantity so first of all focous on your youtube videos quality and after quantity .

Because it’s not necessary, how much we have, rather necessary that how much better we have .

But remember quality is not everything, rather with quality best topic is also necessary .

4. How to spend and where spend time to become a successful youtuber

If you want to become successful as a professional youtuber then definetly you have to spend time to your youtube channel, but of course you must know that when our youtube channel is ready then we have do not need to work a lot on our youtube channel {after all there is no work ( have to do but very little bit but nothing special )}

just uploading videos and publishing and it will be done in few minutes, and after all, do anything on your youtube channel but everything is done in some minutes . So finally where you have to spend time for become a successful youtuber .

According to me, if you spent your time this way then your valuable time will not be useless, and also this is most important step to become successful youtuber .

  • Pay full attention and full time on creating youtube videos  – After all, your videos are property of your channel, so itself you can decide what’s important for you . As much your videos will be better as much your youtube channel can grow because everything ( become successful youtuber ) is depends on the property ( video) and property quality . So don’t worry about time and try to make well perfect video .
  • Connect to social networks and speed up your activity – After creating and uploading videos, first of all share your video upto best 8-10 social media sites with your friends, and choose some perfect social site which can give you traffic for your videos –

Like as –,,,, ,,,,, whatsapp and you can get many more social apps websites on which you can share your youtube videos and remember you have need to every day spend time on top social media sites upto 1-3 hours for few days, Until your youtube channel not completes at least 8000-10000 subscriber .

  • Comment on other channel’s videos – Although doing comments on other channel’s video we can get some help to growing own channel but it can not became you successful youtuber . So if you have enough time then just do it . But even you commenting too much then you will not get any benefit .
  • Quality comment – Because i have already told you that quality is most important than quantity . because you comment on any old youtube video your comment ranking will be low, so no one will see our comment, and if you want to become successful youtuber then you have to do comment by this way .

Search and connect with upto 15, 20+ popular, successful youtube channels and when new video are uploaded on them, do first of all and best comment .

Note : if your comment quality is not best then your comment ranking will be down and you will not get benefit .

And if your comment is best then other peoples will also like and reply to your comment and rank of your comment will be high . If you can this daily on multiple channels then nothing better than this to be a successful youtuber .

5. Try to do something unique for your channel

Just think that lot of videos on youtube already available and if you will upload just similiar videos then just think that can you become a successful youtuber, never .

I don’t mean that just do totally new, totally unique because no such topics left today on which video is not available on youtube . So you can’t do anything totally different but do some research on which topic you want to make video, and try to do better and newer than other youtuber, also this is very important step to become successful youtuber .

So it’s time to decide that how much unique you can do, mean that be unique and do unique

6. Follow seo processes

If you want to be successful youtuber then follow seo process

follow seo to be successful

Almost every blogger, youtuber knows about seo and if you are new youtuber then it’s very important that you know about seo although currently i have no articles about seo but if you wants to know about seo then you can search in google “what is seo” ( I will write article about seo soon ) .

Seo is most necessary for bloggers but not most required for youtubers, but why .

Because youtubers got everything already seo ready, there is a small seo process for youtubers that can became you successful youtuber .

Youtube video title, description and tag all these is seo fact and note that thumbnail is not  Seo process . Thumbnail are used only to attract viewers and also this is important for you .

One thing you have to keep common in all these, keyword so that your video can get rank on these keyword .

  • Title – Try to keep your video title differ from other Peoples videos, easily you can say it unique title and don’t forget to insert keyword .
  • Description – Write about your video in description, almost 100+ words with keywords, and try to make longtail keyword because it is more effective than normal keywords .
  • Tag – Add almost 5-10 keyword in it with focous keywords

7. Attend Meetups

Often youtubers do meetings and this is golden opportunity for you to become successful youtuber, attend meetups, meet other youtubers, share and know ideas, share and know ideas with everyone, create meetups videos, in a way you can also promote your youtube channel through meetups .

8. Work together with other youtubers

If you wants to become a successful youtuber then doing work with other youtuber can be beneficial for you, because as you a beginner youtuber many more other people will be beginner youtuber, those who can be ready to work together with you because also they wants become successful youtuber and you too .

So both can become successful youtuber with each other’s support and if you persuade multiple youtubers for this work then nothing can be better than this .

But obviously, any such youtuber would not want to work with you on which have lot of subscriber more than your youtube channel . So just disscuss about this with youtuber which is equal to your channel so that easily he can ready work with you .

But now how your channel can grow via these proccess

You can make your promotion on your collaborator’s channel and also promote your collaborator’s channel on your channel and if you have multiple collaborator then this is too better for you to become successful because via this process your channel can grow fastly and after some time when you feel that you can extend your youtube channel yourself, you can also stop this process .

9. Paid promotion

Look, if you do not have talent then you can not become successful even by promoting but if you are doing best, your videos is attracting, unique and if you can investment, when you publish almost 8 – 10 video on your youtube channel then invest almost 150 – 200$ USD .

Note : By this process you can not become successful youtuber, but i giving you this suggestion because this will work as booster . 

Because when you do this your audience will grow and your upcoming video will get more viewers and when you see your youtube channel increasing fastly, then definitely you can more focous to creating more better videos ,


10. Respond to your users activity

Activity of your users i.e. check comments and also do proper reply and this is best way to know the drawbacks  of own video because if viewers love our video then understand that’s best, continue just it .

  1. And if our video is not best even the viewers definitely comment about it that what’s problem, what’s bad etc and you can correction in your upcoming video, note that correction is most important to everything .


Keep clean and out of your youtube channel from fake, fraud, spamming, copyright, and every illegal videos – Often youtube detects videos itself at uploading time that how is this video but suppose youtube could not detect about your video even then don not upload this kind of video .

  1. If you do this, then forget about becoming successful youtuber because in this situation you can not even become a normal youtuber . Youtube often forgives some of our mistakes, so after any mistake, do not think that youtube does not know about it . Try to keep out your channel from youtube policy violations .

Otherwise your videos or your youtube channel may also be delete .

11. Be consistent

If you can not upload video daily on your youtube channel, no problem, but remember should not be more than 2-3 days . you need to upload minimum 10 – 15 videos monthly and if you can upload more than this then it’s more better .

But remember, along with this you have need to improve your video quality because also quality is most important .

Regularity is an essential part of success that can make you successful youtuber in less time, “regularity” increase our views and subscriber too fastly and by this way it becomes easier for us to be a successful youtuber .

I want to tell and show you a exmple –

although i can not tell you name of youtube channel but you can see this screenshot 

At beginning of this youtube channel every video was uploaded almost 6 days gaping, and next month one of its video got enough views almost 25, 30k+ views and almost 10 videos uploaded that month, mean that almost one video uploaded in 2-3 days gaping .

and you can see the result of views .

consistency is important for become successful youtuber

Regularity is important for become successful youtuber

You can see this picture this is the latest video without regularity because almost 1-2 month later he stopped uploading videos regularily and today on the day of publication of this article

consistency is important for become successful youtuber, how to be


So easily you can say that this youtube channel was following “Regularity” and grown maximum in less time .

But after that, only 3-4 videos uploded in a month, mean that he left regularity .

So currently have almost 50k subscriber on this channel, according to me if he  did not leave regularity then currently it could get almost 150k – 200k  subscriber, So i suggest you, always do follow regularity .

12. Start a blog to be successful youtuber

If you interested in internet bussiness and wants to be successful, like youtuber then if make own blog then we can get lot of help to become successful .

Although not a brand blog required in beginning, we can make own free blog on,, etc and after some time when you need a brand blog you can make it by paying some money (10-20$ USD) .

Yes this is true, blog is a powerful thing but not required to be successful youtuber . you can become successful youtuber without blog but if you have a blog then its more better. because via your blog more peoples can connect with you .

13. Focous on video length

we should upload our videos in a perfect length which is best for our viewers and also best for ads, neither too big, nor too small .

According to me if you will upload 7-14 minutes of videos then it will be great for everyone (viewers, video creator, ads) .

We have to focous this matter, what we do, how we do, so that viewers stay on our youtube channel for long time, video quality and length is essential thing in it .

And we have told you about both of them, now its depends on you that what you wants to do,l what you want to become, successful youtuber or unsuccessful youtuber . because i can only guide and doing work is your responsibility .

14. Be fast mover

You must know that how much later you have come on youtube, because competition on youtube has increased too much. so simply you can say that everyone can not become successful youtuber but you would be happy to know that every fast moving person can become successful youtuber in less time .

if you are a slow mover then it;s too bad, if you want to be successsful youtuber soon then now you have need to become a fast mover . Because may people have come to this field before today so obviously we have to move faster than them in everything .

Coming late is not bad but moving slow is bad manner, in such way you can never go ahead .

Do everything better and faster more than your competitors so that you can beat your competotors, so that you can overtake your competitors and can be successful youtuber .

15. Research for competitive videos

I hope you will trying to make non competitive videos because it’s great deal to become successful youtuber, but suppose that your any video have on the competitive topic then before publish video you have need to some research .

like you have made a video and title is how to become successful youtuber

Your channel maybe another topic but this is important for everyone topics ( art, funny, comedy, beauty, technology, sport, wrestling, pranks, science, space, data, internet, coocking recipe, agriculture, kid, gamer, marketing, bussiness, seo, etc etc . Whichever topics already have too many videos, research is important for everyone .

Then just type it search in youtube and you can get a lot of results, pick almost 3-4 video one by one and compare their titles, descriptions, and try to make title, description, better than others .

  • research about titile, description { keyword, focous keyword with density  (title, description length )}
  • Keep average keyword density and length compared to your compatitive videos, because a complete plan can beat your competitors .

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that when you start your YouTube channel, do all this in the beginning. Because doing this . our A2z upcoming videos will start getting more views , which is a very good step to become a successful youtuber . 

If you want you can learn how to become successful youtuber with wikihow, wix, bluefountainmedia . According to me, which is important and required to become successful youtuber for you, i explained . Now it’s depends only on you that how much better work, you can do .

Note : every point is important for everyone to become successful youtuber, so if you ignored any point then this is your big mistake .

So i hope after reading this post you may be expecting to be successful and i hope soon you can become .

So friends, there must definetly be a sharing for this lovely article, i hope you will not forget to share it with your friends and family .

Pankaj Kumar

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