How to add link in Facebook

Social media is very important for a blogger because if the blogger uses social media properly, his blog gets a lot of traffic from social media. Definitely you may have created social media accounts for your blog but if you have not yet started using social media for your blog, it is your biggest mistake, Add link in Facebook page.

However, here we’ll learn about linking blog link to the Facebook page, that is, how to add a blog link to the Facebook page, if you don’t use social media for your blog, make social media accounts for your blog from these articles.

If you have social media accounts such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc, you should continue to share your new blog posts, but before that add your blog link to your social media account.

Because our blog gets a high-quality backlink and our social media accounts also rank high and any user can come to our blog very easily from our Facebook page.

How to add a link in Facebook page

I hope you’ll have a Facebook page if you don’t have a Facebook page, create your Facebook page now.

First, open Facebook and go to your Facebook page.
Now click on setting, you’ll find a lot of settings you can modify any setting accordingly

Click on setting

But you have to link the blog, so click on Page info.
Enter your blog link in the website and click on the Save changes button, your blog link will be added to your Facebook page.

How to add my blog link to my facebook page

So your blog has been linked to your Facebook page, definitely a very simple process, but still, if you have a question related to this topic, feel free to comment, Add link in Facebook page.

Key points

Add link in Facebook bio?

There is no separate way to add a link in Facebook bio, just for this you have to edit your Facebook bio and paste that link, after saving that link will be created automatically

Add link in Facebook post?

This is a very confusing question but it is a very simple process, you just have to write in Facebook in a normal way and with that you have to paste that link in it and Facebook will automatically fetch that link and will make it a link but if you enter a link that is not allowed on facebook you will not be able to put it in your facebook post

Add social link in Facebook?

To add other social media accounts to your Facebook account, login to your Facebook account and go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture, click on contact and basic info, in this you will get the option of add website, click on it and Enter the link of your social media profile that you want to add to your Facebook profile and save it, if you want, you can also put a link of your website

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