How to add email in Facebook account

Facebook offers its users the option of mobile number and email account to manage their account, using either of them anyone can create their Facebook account.

And if you have created your Facebook account using your mobile number and you want to add your email address to your Facebook account, you can add it very easily, just follow this process.

How to add email in Facebook account

First, open your Facebook account and click on the setting by clicking on the dropdown

Click on edit button in Contact

Click on “+ Add another email address or mobile number” and enter your email address and click on Add.

Now to confirm you need to enter the password of your Facebook account, if you have forgotten the password of your Facebook account, you can reset from here.

Your email has been added to your Facebook account but your email is not active in your Facebook account now because you need to verify your email account for which Facebook has sent the verification code to your email.

Click on confirm on the next page, open your email account and you’ll find a code in it, put it on the Facebook email verification page and click on ok.

After email verification, your email account will be active in your Facebook account. You can now use your email account in addition to your mobile number to manage your Facebook account, such as login, password resetting, etc.

If you are a mobile user and use Facebook in a browser, you can add email to your Facebook account with the same process, you’ll find the setting option in three lines instead of the dropdown menu.

Facebook app users can add email to their Facebook account by following this process.

How to add email in Facebook account
First, open your Facebook app and click on three lines and click on setting
Click on edit in email address by clicking on personal information
Click on the add email address and add your email address
Confirm by entering your Facebook account password

Now Facebook will send a code to your email for email verification, enter it in your Facebook account in email verification and verify your email

Your email address has been successfully added to your Facebook account I hope you may not have encountered any problems in adding email to your Facebook account.

If you use multiple emails and mobile number in your Facebook account, I recommend that you also use two-step verification, because using multiple emails and mobile numbers increases the chances of hacking your Facebook account.

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