How to add Google AdSense ads to WordPress blog

Google AdSense is one of the world’s most famous and largest advertising network. Most websites use AdSense to monetize their website/blog. Google AdSense also monetizes Even the blog on which you are reading this article.

Because Adsense works very well in such a way that both the advertiser and publisher of google are satisfied.
And through this blog/website, owners earn a lot of money too. If you have a blog or YouTube channel, you can earn money through AdSense.

Do you have a blog/website/youtube channel? If yes, it is good. And if it is not there, then you will have to make one of these online platforms so that you can monetize it with Google Adsense.

I hope you have an approved AdSense account. Yes, you can use Google AdSense ads in your blog only if you have a fully approved AdSense account. If you do not have an approved account, then learn how to get AdSense approval.

So let’s know how to add Google AdSense ads in the WordPress blogs

There are many ways of adding AdSense ads in the WordPress blog. If you want, you can put Google AdSense ads code through the source code of your blog, if you want you can use the plugin.

There are many ways to place AdSense ads in blogs. If you want, you can use Google AdSense ads code through the source code of your blog, you can use the plugin.

As you can see on, Google AdSense ads are displayed on all contents. I have placed these ads through the plugin and with just one-time placement.

By the way, one-time ad placement is much better.

You must have approved AdSense account

First of all, go to your Google AdSense account and create ads as you wish so that you can add to your blog. You will get many types of AdSense ads. Create an ad that you like and copy its code so that you can add it to your WordPress blog. If you want, you can create multiple types of ads.

If you want to manually add Google AdSense ads to your blog posts, then go to the post editor and paste the AdSense ad code in the text section, ad will be added.

But I would advise you not to put Adsense ad code in your blog in this way, I do not like this method at all. Because in such a situation you have to add ads in your article one by one.

And if you ever want to remove these ads from your blog. You have to remove them one by one, which is a big problem. Now in such a condition, we should use one-time Adsense ad placement in our WordPress blog so that we can show ads on all our content at once and remove at once.

How to add Google AdSense ads to the WordPress blog by the plugin

You have already copied the AdSense ad code.

  • Now go to your WordPress blog and install Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads plugin. If you are using an ad blocker, first disable it otherwise the ad inserter will not be able to work properly.
  • Go to the setting of the ad inserter plugin. Now here you will get a lot of blocks, you can use any block to add Google AdSense ad.
  • Paste your Google AdSense ad code in this black box, below this you will find the options for its setting.
  • Mark posts and choose insertion in which part of your blog post where you want to add this ad. In this, you will get many options such as post header, footer, between, after some paragraph, before some paragraph, etc. Select wherever you want to add this ad.
  • Let’s choose the after paragraph, in the next box we can insert the number of paragraphs after how many paragraphs this ad should appear. Now, this ad will appear after the fifth paragraph of your blog post. But now it will be counted from the header or footer, I did not check. Well, it will be counted from the top because of the default setting.
  • But we can also change it, yes, if we want, we can set it to count from the bottom. For this, click on the “toggle paragraph counting setting” mark and then the counting setting will open, select top or bottom in the count as you want to set your AdSense ad. Finally, click on the save setting, now ads will appear in your blog post.How to add Google Adsense ads to wordpress blog

However, currently you have used only one ad block, so right now only one AdSense ad will appear on your WordPress blog. You can do the same by setting your ad code in another block. Just change its position.

As you put the first ad and set it after 5 paragraphs, change the position of the next ad-block. Not only AdSense ads but by using these ad blocks, you can show anything in all your WordPress blog posts.

Although you have added Google AdSense ads to your WordPress blog, but know that by just placing ads, you will not start earning, but will have to work very hard.

Because our earning will be only when there is traffic on our blog, our CPC will be good.
Yes, our earning depends on many matters. If you want to earn well from AdSense, then you have to know about them.

After adding Adsense’s ads to the WordPress blog, upload the ads.txt file to your blog.

Although it is not required in starting after some time Google AdSense tells us to upload the ads.txt file. But don’t wait for the notification, add the ads.txt file to your blog (this can help increase our CPC) How to add Ads.txt file to the blog.

By the way, Adsense ad has been added in “blog post” but now we have to know how to add the ad in blog header/footer and sidebar.

How to add Google Adsense ads to a WordPress blog footer/sidebar


  • Go to the WordPress blog and in the appearance click on the widgets. Drop the “custom HTML” from the available widgets in any section of the footer/sidebar widget to which you want to add ads. Like footer one, two, three.
  • Now a box will open, put your Google AdSense ad code on it. If you want, you can change the visibility of your ad with the show/hide option in which the device is visible or not.
  • If you want, you can also make this widget sticky by clicking on the fixed widget. Finally, click on the Save button.How to add google adsense ads to wordpress blogs in the footer sidebar

How to add AdSense ads on header

  • Go to your WordPress blog and in the appearances click on the customize and after that click on the headerGo to header
  • You can manage the header of your WordPress from here. Drag the “HTML” box from the available components and drop it into a header box where you want to place it.
  • Now click on the settings icon of that HTML box and then a box will open on the left side. Paste the code of your AdSense ads in it and click on the publish button.Paste your adsense ads code on here and save it

If you have added the AdSense ad code correctly, now Google Adsense ads will start appearing in the header of your WordPress blog. Read this guide with wpbeginnershoutmeloudmonsteringhts.

Why my Adsense ads are not appearing on the blog after ad placement

It can happen in only two conditions that you have not taken the approval of Google AdSense for the blog/website on which you are using it, And either you have made a mess in ad placement.

But if your Google AdSense account is fully approved and you have not made any mistake in the placement but ads are not showing, there is nothing to worry, it will start appearing in a while.

I hope you have successfully placed AdSense ads in your WordPress blog and now they will be appearing on your blog posts. If there is any problem with ad placement, you can ask us in the comments.

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