How to add ads.txt file in WordPress/blogger blogs by plugin/Cpanel

Although we do not have to add ads.txt file in our blog/website at the beginning. As ads.txt, as the name implies, is a file used for ads. Almost all advertising companies provide ads.txt file. You are their publisher then they ask you to add this file to your blog, And you have to add it to your blog.

What is ads.txt file and how to add ads.txt file in WordPress and blogger blogs by Cpanel and plugin?

(How to add ads.txt file in the blog without any plugin)

I will tell you several ways to add ads.txt file to the blog website today. Adding ads.txt file in the blog or any website is very easy, just enough that you are the administrator of that blog, website.

But before that, I want to tell you what is ads.txt file and why it is important to add to the blog.

What is ads.txt file?

Ads.txt is a simple text file that we have to put in the root folder of our blog. But the ads.txt file needs to be added to our blog only if we are using advertisements of any advertising company on our blog. Such as Adsense, etc.

All ad networks provide ads.txt file according to their own techniques. And we are going to tell you about Adsense here. I.e. How to add Adsense ads.txt file to blog, website. Suppose if you are using another ad network, Even then there is no problem. You can add any ads.txt file to your blog using this method, Just like Adsense ads.txt.

Can I add ads.txt file to my blog, website even if I do not get “risk at earning” warning from Adsense?

Yes, If you are an Adsense publisher, I would recommend that you add it to your blog. Even if no warning is appearing in your AdSense account. Because there are many advantages of adding ads.txt file to blog.

Often people are very upset to increase Adsense CPC but when you add Adsense ads.txt file to your blog, your CPC also has the potential to increase.

When does it become more important to add ads.txt file in the blog?

When you become an Adsense publisher, not in the beginning. But after some time when there is a notice of “earning at risk” in your Adsense account, it becomes more important to add Adsense ads.txt file to your blog.

If you ignore this notice, there may be a problem in your Adsense account. Such as – low CPC problem, ads may stop being shown.

So if you want to avoid all these problems, immediately add Adsense ads.txt file on your blog/website, when the notice appears on your Adsense account.

How to add Adsense ads.txt file to a WordPress blog/website via the plugin?

For adding ads.txt in the blog click on fix button-min


  1. First of all, go to your Adsense account and click on the fix button and then click on the download text. (Now a text file will be downloaded to your computer, open it and copy the full text. Adsense ads.txt id looks like this. (, pub-****************, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0)) If you want, you can use it, just enter your publisher ID.
  2. Now go to your WordPress blog and click on the plugin and install ads.txt manager plugin.Install ads.txt manager plugin to add adsense ads.txt file in wordpress
  3. You have installed that plugin now let’s set it up. Click on the setting and then click on ads.txt.Go to setting and click on ads.txt to add it in blog, website-min
  4. Now paste the copied code here, as mentioned above for copying and click on the Save button.Paste your adsense ads.txt file detail and click on save-min

Wow, that’s great You have successfully added the Adsense ads.txt file to your blog, Now it’s time to check whether this is working or not.

To check any website/blog ads.txt file, add /ads.txt after that website’s domain and run it.

Such as For your site

You can also read this guide with GoogleWpbeginnerInfolinks.

But I want to tell you that I am not using any plugin for my Adsense ads.txt file. I have added it by the Cpanel.

So lets know how to add Adsense ads.txt by Cpanel in WordPress blog

Caution: After entering the Cpanel, do not flirt with any spare part. If you have enough information about Cpanel, you can do whatever you want in Cpanel. But if you do not have information about Cpanel, just do as much as it is being told here. Otherwise, errors in your blog may also come.

Note: First, you need to go to your Adsense account and download the ads.txt file. (As explained in the way of the plugin) so that you can add it to your blog or if you want you can create Adsense ads.txt file yourself.
To create ads.txt file, open the notepad, now write the code and save it in the name of ads.txt. Do not forget to use extension .txt (if you want to add it to your blog because both are the same).

  1. Go to your server’s Cpanel and open file manager, just like this.How to add adsense ads.txt file in wordpress blog by cpanel
  2. After opening the file manager, open public_html and now in this directory, you have to upload Adsense ads.txt file. To add ads.txt file in the blog, click on upload in the header menu implement txt Open public html fileHow to implement it Click on upload to upload your ads.txt file
  3. Now you can select the ads.txt file from your computer by clicking on the “select” file, and your file will be uploaded in a few seconds, and then the upload manager will ask you to go back, go back.

Now it’s time to check your blog’s ads.txt file, open “example” with your domain.

I have told both ways to add Adsense ads.txt file in WordPress blog. First – How to add ads.txt file through the plugin in WordPress blog/website And the second – How to add ads.txt file via Cpanel in WordPress blog You can use the method you like.

But as far as I am concerned, I have added the ads.txt file in my blog via Cpanel. Now let’s know how to add ads.txt file to blogger blog.

I have told two ways to add ads.txt file to WordPress blog. But as far as the blogger blog is concerned, we do not have much control over it i.e. There is no Cpanel in the blogger blog. And we cannot install any plugins in it.

But there is nothing to worry about because the blogger team has given the option to add Adsense ads.txt file in it.

How to add ads.txt file in blogger blog

Go to and log in by your Gmail id

  1. Go to setting and click on search preferences and then click on the edit text in the monetization, custom ad.txt.How to add adsense ads.txt file in blogger blog
  2. Now click on the “yes” in the “Enable custom ads.txt content?Paste your ads.txt code on here and click on save button
  3. Paste the code of the ads.txt file downloaded from the Adsense account. I hope you have read above that ads.txt file from the Adsense account. If you do not know about this, go up and read, in the way of WordPress plugin, we have told how to download Adsense ads.txt file.
    If you want, you can also create this file and add it to the blog, we have already told about it. And if you want, copy this whole code and paste it in blogger custom ads.txt. (, pub-****************, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0), just change pub id.

Now open your blog by typing /ads.txt after your domain, such as In this, your Adsense text file will appear, i.e. You successfully added the ads.txt file to your blog.

Please note that when you add Adsense ads.txt file in your blog, the warning will not be immediately disappearing from your Adsense account. The warning can take 24 hours or more to disappear.

Keep learning and keep earning, Do not forget to give your feedback.

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