How much YouTube pays

YouTube is a very big source of income, from which many people make a lot of income, but I am afraid of it often and want to know how much money a person can earn from YouTube, that is, how much money YouTube gives. But if you want to work on YouTube, then first of all you should understand that the income limit on YouTube is not fixed, that how much money YouTube will give you because YouTube may give you so much money that you can not even imagine. You may, and you may not be able to achieve much from YouTube even after a lot of hard work, and it all depends on the YouTube video you uploaded, and also your video target is included in it.

how much does youtube pay

First of all, you should know that YouTube Direct does not pay that you have to upload some videos, and you will be paid per video, rather the payment depends on how much your video is viewed on YouTube. Because you can earn money from YouTube only when ads are shown on your YouTube video, so the more your video is viewed, the more ads will be shown, and the more your income will be, although there are many more. There are points which determine how much your income will be which are given below.

  • Video views
  • monetization
  • Audience Target ((Country) CPC)
  • user demand
  • video category

How much money you will be able to earn from YouTube depends on who is watching your videos, and what type of content they are interested in, and which country they are from because they will be shown ads based on them, And through clicks on those ads, you will earn income.

YouTube’s income depends on the CPC and CBC is the rate that is the click on the ad shown on your video, and a CPC rate can range from $0.00 to $2, $10, $50 etc. Average CPC in average low CPC country is less than $0.07, and if we talk about high CPC country then an average CPC goes up to 1$+, even get $2, $4, $8+ with just one click , which is very high as compared to the low CPC country.

how much youtube pay for 1,000 views

In low CPC country youtube gives around $1 for 1000 views, even many youtube channel 2000 – 3000 views get $1, and youtube pays up to $5 – 10 on 1000 views in high cpc country, even high cpc Sometimes even a single click of a country can get up to $2+.

After all, why youtube pays less money in India

The reason for this is very simple because in India most of the people want most of the services for free, and do not want to invest much on the internet and where people are more interested in the internet, and invest in those countries, those countries have very good CPC. Even though the use of internet has increased a lot after the arrival of Jio in India, but has not progressed in the field of financial investment and development on the internet, because YouTube does not pay money but is set on the advertisement run by the advertiser. Their ads are run according to the bit rate given, and how much the advertiser has invested for his ad and what kind of audience is needed, and in what rate he wants to run the ad, it all depends.

How much YouTube pays for 1 million views

In low CPC condition you can earn around $500 on 1 million views, and in average CPC condition you can get 1000 to $2000, and in high CPC situation you can earn $5000+ from YouTube.

How much YouTube pays for 1 subscriber

YouTube never pays subscriber money, whether you have 1 subscriber or 1000 subscriber on your YouTube channel, even if you have one lakh subscribers, your income from YouTube will not be based on your number of subscribers, but on the basis of views of your videos. and on the basis of advertisement displayed thereon.

How much YouTube pays for 1 like

Many people also think that getting likes on youtube also gives money but it is not so at all, if any person likes your video then you will not get money from it, yes but if the video is liked So there are more chances to move forward, money is available on YouTube only and only through advertisements.

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