How fast is my internet, How to check internet speed

While using the internet, you may face slow internet speed which is a very big problem because even after recharging the internet with high plan if the internet is slow, then it is a big problem and you can talk about this problem to your telecom company, If it is running very fast/slow/average but we do not have idea about how fast our internet is but if you want you can test your internet speed Using online tools that how fast is my internet.

And the way to check internet speed is that the internet pack being spent on the application websites etc. currently being used means that suppose you are watching a video on YouTube, then how much speed are you getting at that time. Or at what internet speed that video is playing, then for this you do not need to check your internet speed at all, how fast or slow your internet is because whatever the speed is, it is fulfilling all your needs. It is possible that your internet is running very well.

How fast is my internet

If you want to know your current internet speed which you are getting using websites and applications, then you have to enable internet speed meter by going to your phone’s settings like speed meter appearing near battery in notification section in your mobile. And if your phone’s data is on then it will always show your internet speed, but this option is not present in many companies’ phones, then you have another option for this which is internet speed meter application from google play store. Download and activate it and then that application will keep showing the internet speed used by you live which will be visible near the notification section of your mobile i.e. battery.

How to check internet speed

If you want to know how high speed internet service provider your telecom company is providing you, then for this you will get many online tools through which you can check your internet speed and this internet speed depends on many things.

  • First of all it matters whether you are using 2G internet or 3G or 4G etc because the more you use higher version internet, the better internet speed you will get
  • Network coverage area also matters a lot if you are far away from your nearest tower then obviously your internet net speed will be slow
  • There is more traffic on the network tower present in your location, even if the number of internet users on the tower in your area increases, you will still have the problem of slow internet speed.

Google internet speed test

Google has become very smart because earlier now we had to check our internet speed, then we had to search in google and go to the website on which we can check our internet speed but google is measuring speed test using third party sites.

All you have to do is search in google “internet speed test” or “how to check internet speed” or “how fast is my internet” etc. It will start to analyse your internet speed

  • Search “internet speed test” in google
  • Click on “Run speed test”, just your internet speed will be analyzed and your current internet speed will be shown

Fast internet speed test

  • First go to and will start analyzing your internet speed.
  • Internet speed analysis will be completed then your upload internet speed will be shown click on “show more info” to see full details your uploading speed will also be shown

Ookla internet speed test

ookla is also a very famous website about internet speed test, you can also check your internet speed by using it

  •  First go to and click on Go button
  • In few seconds your internet speed test will be completed and you will be able to see your internet speed which will also include uploading speed and downloading speed

Internet test by app

Like I have given you information above that how to check your internet speed through google or fast or ookla and it has become very fast experience because for this you will not have to download any application. Rather only you will have google chrome attack and follow the procedure given in it and you will be able to check your internet speed

But if you want apart from that, you can also use fast and ookla, both of these speed test applications are also available, just go to google play store and search for the application you want to use out of these two and Install but we would suggest it because you don’t need it at all you can also check your internet speed from direct website

Note: If you are connected to public network tower and test your internet speed then you will not get internet speed shown in internet speed test,

What is a good internet speed?

A good internet speed is present in 4G but it also depends on many things because even if you are using 4G but if there is more traffic on the tower network you are using then even then Your internet will be slow, even if the distance between you and the tower increases, your internet will be slow.

And if you are using 4G network then maybe this speed can go from 10 Mbps to 15 Mbps after checking internet speed but mainly this happens only in internet speed test but if we download any file that today If we use anything, we do not get that much speed and if the coverage area is better and there is no update traffic on the tower, then this internet speed test also goes to 25 Mbps + but how much speed any user can download on 4G or any other test never gets.

But if you are in a better network coverage area and there is not much traffic on your tower then you can easily get the speed of around 5 Mbps and this speed is also enough for the ordinary user of the internet i.e. a good speed even if it is Be it on YouTube or blogger or stock marketing or whatever you do.

But if there is a company or an organization and work is done especially on the basis of internet, then there may be a need for a personal WiFi broadband which includes many different plans and also gets very high speed. Like 100MBPS, 400 Mbps, 1000 Mbps etc., then any internet speed can’t be called a good internet speed because everyone’s needs are different and if you want 10MBPS+ speed then you have to get your personal broadband. Will happen

Is 100 mbps fast internet?

Yes 100 Mbps is very good internet speed and this internet speed is perfect for all types of tasks because no matter how long file is to be sent, upload or download a file, then it can be sent very fast.

In this article you learned How to check internet speed and how fast is my internet We hope this information will be useful for you.

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