How Facebook earns money

Everyone knows that Facebook is the biggest social media site on Facebook, but not everyone knows that Facebook earns money through common people, yes we and you use Facebook and through us and you Only Facebook earns money, you may be shocked to hear that after all we do not pay to use Facebook, so how does Facebook earn money through us, but it is a very simple way, if you are into technology. If you have a little bit of interest, you can imagine yourself while using Facebook, how Facebook earns money and not only this, but Facebook earns so much money, that the owner of Facebook is the list of top 5 richest people in the world. And that too by giving a free service like Facebook.

how does facebook make money

Facebook does not run any special services nor does it have any hardware company, but there is a lot of traffic on Facebook, that is, a lot of people use Facebook and Facebook shows ads to all its users, and the same ad is Facebook. Is the source of income of Facebook, when you open Facebook, you must have noticed on the home page of Facebook that you get to see some different types of content between your friends and your Facebook posts, and if you have paid more attention. If given, you must have noticed that the name of the person who posted that content is written as sponsored, which means that it is a sponsored program i.e. a contact that has been run for money.

And that account can be of anyone such as an individual or a company or organization, everyone runs advertisements to attract customers according to their needs, and advertisements are shown to users based on their interest. , and Facebook has an income based on the impressions of the ad and the click on it, and to run that ad, the advertiser has to pay that ad to reach the number of people, based on that ad and its ad. The more people you want to reach, the more it will have to pay and how much to pay also depends on the audience of the location you are targeting.

And when the advertiser pays for his ad, that amount goes to Facebook and his ad is played on Facebook, and when the ad is closed after the time set by the advertiser, the advertiser You can set up your ads in different ways.

Although most of the advertisements are absolutely accurate, but many frauds and spammers also run online advertisements, and many people also fall prey to them because fraud advertisers give many types of greed in their advertisement, and many people come under their greed. pay or share your data user is in loss of coffee, so we would suggest that if you see any such ad which is any kind of allurement, before going on it yourself Will argue about that and make sure that what happened ad is true or there is some fraud who wants to trap you and grab your money.

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