How does google make money

Google’s earnings will be very interesting for everyone to know because Google is available for free, we do not have to pay to use Google and it is also right because if Google had to pay for using Google, then perhaps Google has so much. There are not many users, although everyone uses Google and other Google services absolutely free, but still Google earns a lot.

And we have already told that if you have not read that article about facebook, then read it now, most of the internet companies have the same way of earning money but some of them services are also paid, Although Google also takes direct money for some services, but such a big company does not operate with only that money.

What is the means of earning of google and how does google earn money

The way Google earns money, you must have faced it many times or even face it daily, but perhaps you have never paid attention to it and that is the ad, yes the biggest source of Google’s earnings is the ad, Google is the world’s largest It is a large company that has the most audience support because everyone uses an Android phone in which all Google products are already installed and at this time Google has become the primary method of using the internet.

And who would not want to work with such a big network, must have seen ads on their TV but they are very few but advertising on the internet is a very big market and whose leader is google, but why google, is the reason.


Whether you visit any blog, website, app, software, etc., and if that product owner is using ads in his product, then definitely he must be using ads from Google, like suppose this website on which you are using this. Even after reading the article, Google’s ads are used and two buttons are found in the top right on Google’s ads, one is to close the ad and the other is for info and when you press on the info button of that ad. If you do, you will see “ads by google”.

And this is not just on any one website, but 80% of the websites use Google’s ads, which Google operates under the name of Adsense, although

Through those ads, that site owner earns money but at the same time Google also earns from it because when anyone uses ads of google adsense, first of all he has to accept the terms of google adsense only after that any use of google ads. Which is a partnership and it is clearly stated in it that 68% will be given to the publishers and the remaining 32% will go to google, this is a huge source of earning of google.


So the above information was about Google Adsense partners, but who runs those ads, who gives so many ads to Google, this is also a big question, then they give money to Google as advertisers who go to google adword and create their ad. and pay for the ad that is shown on various products of Google.

google search

And Google itself is the world’s largest search engine and there are many searches on Google daily and Google shows ads on those searches and when the user clicks on those ads, Google earns money for which the advertiser pays.

For example, if you do some search related to marketing in Google, then you will see ads related to marketing and in such a situation if you like the ad then definitely you will click on it.

If you want to shop and search for a product, then various sites will have an ad show for that product, in the same way Google earns money by showing different types of ads.


Everyone has Gmail because gmail is an essential thing for all android phones and while using gmail you must have seen different types of lables like Primary, Social, Sent, Draft etc and one of them is Promotions.

If you visit promotions, then those emails will be visible which Google has identified as promotion and along with ads will also be shown from which google will earn money.

Google Gmail se paise kaise kamata hai


Who does not know youtube, youtube is the world’s largest video platform which is from google and you must have seen that many ads come on youtube, and that ad is the source of google’s earnings, but in multiple ways through google youtube Earns money The first is partnership with youtube creators.

That is, people post videos on youtube and the person uploading the video earns money and how much he will earn depends on how much time his video is being watched and how many quality ads are coming, Google earns them. He himself holds a major part of it which is 45%.

That is, youtube creators get 55% of their earnings and google/youtube takes the rest.

Play Store

Everyone uses google playstore but have you ever thought that google earns money from playstore as well, yes playstore is also a huge source of google’s earnings and on this also google earns money in two ways, first is of developer account, that is, when any person / developer wants to post his app on playstore, he will need an account for which there is a charge of 25 dollars, although it is only one time charge while setting up the account and after that he is the account holder. You can upload as many apps as you want.

And Google’s second source of earning from playstore is ads, Google also runs ads for apps, if you search any app on playstore, then it will add show of related app, if you click on them and download then google money. earns.

And even without searching, there is an ad show on the playstore from which Google earns money, although the rates of ads of all apps are not equal, so it cannot be said that how much money google earns from which ad because the rate of ad is many things. it depends on.

google playstore ad se paise kaise kamata hai Google Playstore se paise kaise kamata hai

Paid services

When someone creates a Google account, by default he gets 15 GB of free space in which anything can be stored but if more space is needed then you will have to pay to Google and Google will provide you more space.

web services

Google also provides web service and if a person wants to start his own website or blog, then he can use Google’s cloud hosting for which he will have to pay because all these services are not free.

And if you want, you can also buy the domain, although if you want to create your site with Google, then you will get a free host for the small site, just have to buy the domain.


You must have seen ads of Google on various internet products and also you will get to see ads in android mobile app, then it does not matter which developer has developed that app, most of the apps use google ads i.e. admob. And out of this also google takes its share.

google hardware

Google is mainly known as software services, internet company but Google works on internet products as well as hardwares. Google also manufactures laptops, mobiles etc. which are very expensive so we can say that google’s hardware. May not be in everyone’s budget.

Now the question comes that how much does Google earn, then we would just like to say that if there was one owner of Google, then he would be the richest man in the world and that too with such a difference that no one could ever compete with him. But Google has many shareholders, due to which Google’s shareholder is not the richest person.

Partnership Amount

We told you above the source of Google’s earnings and also told that Google takes a huge amount from its partner program, but why, maybe this question bothers you, but Google does not do this only for its earning but It is needed.

Because when you upload a video to youtube, or use any other product and upload any content on it, it takes up space, which requires servers to store and has to invest a lot to run them. And Google tries to provide more easy services to its users and handles the rest of its technical issues by itself such as can take youtube as an example which is a product of Google.

Although you use youtube very easily whether you are a youtube user or a youtuber, but it works for about 10,000 people and requires a very large datacenter, so you can imagine how much they cost. This is the reason why Google gives only 55% of their earning to the creators of its product youtube.

So you have understood that Google’s earning means that we use almost all the services of Google for free, but Google earns money from all those services which have source ad, so from today onwards never think that you will get internet for free. Although you are getting all the services for free but they are earning a lot.

Now this question may come in your mind that where is internet free, we get recharge done every month to use internet, so it is not because telecom companies provide internet connection to you with what you get recharge called isp. goes.

And the use of websites on the internet remains free, although if you buy something on the internet, then you will have to pay, as we have told you about many products of Google that some are free, some are paid, and then from paid service. Google earns money directly but also earns money indirectly from free services.

In this article you learned How Google makes money and how much google earns I hope this information will be useful for you.

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