Hey google, what is my Name, How to ask my Name to google assistant Google.com

Google Assistant is a product of Google that helps people by speaking, and any person can install Google Assistant in their phone, and ask any question, Google Assistant will give accurate answers according to its algorithm. Tries, Google Assistant works online and offline, and if you ask any question to Google Assistant, first of all it tries to answer from your personal data, but if its answer is not found in your profile If so, Google Assistant can also show you results from Google search results.

google assistant what is my name Google.com

If you want, you can ask Google Assistant what is Google my name, then Google Assistant will tell you your name, but for this the condition is that you have logged into Google account with Gmail account, or have told Google Assistant that What is your name otherwise Google Assistant will not be able to tell your name.

  1. First of all open your Google Assistant application
  2. ask google what is my name
  3. Google Assistant will tell you the name of your email account

How to Change Your Name in Google Assistant

You can change your name in Google Assistant in two ways, one is to change the name of your Gmail account and the other way is to manually tell Google what your name is, so we will use another method here

  1. First open the Google Assistant application
  2. And somewhere “Google Assistant change my name”
  3. Now Google Assistant will ask you “Okay what should I call you”
  4. In response, enter your new name, which is what you want Google Assistant to call you.
  5. then say “yes”

You Google Assistant will not use the name of your Gmail account, but will call you using the name you have given, and if you want to change your name in Google Assistant again, you can change it by following the exact same process

google what is the name of my friend

Although Google Assistant tells your name from your Gmail ID, what is your name, but Google Assistant cannot tell the name of your friend because it has no idea who your friend is, so first of all you have to call Google Assistant. You have to tell who is your friend, after that Google Assistant will be able to answer this question of yours.

  1. turn on google assistant
  2. And somewhere “Google Assistant remember my friend’s name”
  3. Now tell the name of your friend to Google Assistant and after that you can ask the name of your friend from Google Assistant

google what is my date of birth

Even Google can tell your date of birth and given this information Google Assistant will take from you Gmail account, because when we create our Gmail account, we are asked the date of birth, and that date of birth is used for all our Google products. it occurs.

  1. Open Google Assistant and ask what is my date of birth

google what is your name

We all use Google and even while using Google Assistant, many people like to ask, Google who are you or what is your name, then Google Assistant will tell you that I am Google Assistant, and we will give your information. Want to tell that both Google and Google Assistant are different, that is, Google is a search engine and Google Assistant also acts as both a search engine and assistant.

google who made you

Google is the world’s largest search engine and everyone likes to use it, which was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

google where do you live

Google does not have a place to live, but Google is an Internet company, which works through computer servers, and its data centers around the world and Google is able to run its services all over the world through them.

In this article you learned How to ask anything from Google assistant just like what is my name or anything We hope this information will be useful for you.

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