What is Hotel What is the full form of Hotel

If a person goes away from their residential place, a hotel in this condition proves to be the best option for everyone, perhaps you have used the hotel too many times because everyone has to travel for some tasks many times, although we will travel through a vehicle, we need a place to stay where we can rest, etc.

So we get hotels very easily in the vicinity, Hotel refers to the collection of a building or some rooms which are given to the people on rent, although the rates of all hotels are different.

The rent of hotel rooms is more than the rent of the normal homeroom, so everyone has basic information about the hotel, even if they have never travelled, but most of them do not know what the is the full from of Hotel.

Perhaps you will know about the hotel but will not know what is the full form of the hotel, do you know how many types of hotels are there, if you do not know, then in this article, you will get all the information, let’s first know what is the full form of the hotel, then after that, we will learn about what is hotel how many types of hotels are present.

What is Hotel What is the full form of Hotel

What is the full form of Hotel

Full form of Hotel – House of Travelers, Eating and Living

Full form of Hotel – Hospitality Organization of Tourism activities for Eating and Lodging

Full form of Hotel – Home Of Temporary Eating & Living

What is hotel what is the full form of Hotell

Note: Hotel doesn’t have a full form officially because the hotel itself is a word, not an abbreviation, so other full forms based on the hotel can be used.

What is Hotel

Hotel is the building, or house of some rooms, which is rented to the people and staffed for maintenance and services, the hotel rooms people book mostly for a short period. It is likely that you get a room for one day or you can book a room for more days if you want.

There are also many buildings in which people are given rooms on rent but there is no staff and there are no services available, just rooms are given and everything else has to be managed by themselves they are priced much lower than hotels rooms and rooms are not available for short periods in such buildings, but rooms are rented for a long time in such buildings.

But the biggest feature of the hotel is that the hotel has 24 hours hotel staff so that anyone can take a room whenever they want and check out whenever they want, at least for the short time they have rooms and for a long time, the hotel is very diverse. There are different types of services available and due to their services, his rent is also affected.

What will be suitable for me

By the way, hotels are the best for everyone because there are different types of services in the hotel, but if you got a job, then you cannot stay in a hotel for a long time because you can not afford the cost of a hotel for a long duration are much more expensive than normal rooms.

Even when it comes to the cheapest hotel, it is not suitable for an employee because a person with a normal job has a salary of about 8000 – 20000 INR and even if it comes to the cheapest hotels, the per-day rent is at least 300 INR and such cheap hotels are very rare.

So in such a situation, the entire salary of that person can end up in the rent, so long term rooms are best for the employees rather than the hotel, which are available at cheap prices, and for travelers, hotels are best because they can check-in and check out whenever they want.

Oldest Hotel

Although many hotels in the world will be built very long ago, it is difficult to say exactly which hotel will be made first and what its name will be because often hotels start and many hotels are closed because They are unable to do their business but the oldest hotel in the world which is present is Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan (Japan)

And this hotel is recorded in Guinness World Record, we cannot exactly say whether there was a hotel before this hotel was built or not, but Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is the world’s oldest Hotel which still exists.

Hotel staff

If it is a long term of rooms or a normal building, there is no staff and there are no special services, just some services are provided such as bed, water, electricity, etc, and everything else has to manage by themselves, any special services are not provided in them, then it is obvious that the rent will be less, which is suitable for every budget person, everyone can rent such rooms.

But as far as the hotel is concerned, it has the entire staff of the hotel, which manages the hotel and the other servies and they are also hired according to those services. It is also very important to have staff in the hotel because suppose If a hotel does not have more services but it is still necessary to have hotel staff as the hotel is a short – long term service.

And every day at the hotel, customers check-in in check out, so they need to be staffed to manage so that customers can be given rooms and available services.

Hotel counter

The counter is the common thing of all hotels, it is the place from which customers can check in or check out and any other inquiry, the counter is present at the entrance of the hotel so that all the customers in the front find a counter and can easily check-in or any other inquiry.

However, now an online booking option is also available so that you can check-in, in your favorite hotel without going there and you can check whether the rooms are available or not, and in the availability of rooms you can book a room online, you can enter in that hotel by showing you booking detail on the counter, even if you booking online, but the hotel counter is required.

Number of Hotel staff

All hotels have staff but in a hotel, the number of them can be more or less depending on their services the more services will require more staff.

Hotel staff take care of almost all the requirements of their customers and provide necessary services on the same basis.

There are so many types of hotel

Types of Hotel

There are different types of hotels around the world in which different types of services exist. Hotels are made with different types of design, starting from normal hotels to VIP, VVIP hotels.

Hotel is run by an individual, company, businessman, etc. and in this also their budget depends on what kind of services they can provide, how much more effective hotel they can make, different types of hotels are categorized depending on their design, location, services.

Star Hotel

Although everyone knows the hotel usually, people often have confusion about star Hotels, what are the star hotels, whether only star people can go to those hotels.

Being associated with a star does not mean that the hotel is meant for only a VIP, VVIP, etc. Rather, that star means the services and quality of that hotel, all hotels decide star rating according to the services of their hotel.

Star Hotels range from 1 – 5 star. As Hotels increase their services, their rating also increases as you rate apps on the play store, stars also mean their quality in Hotels.

By the way, there are many hotels which are without stars, it is only because their services are very low but when we enter the world of star hotels then a 1-star hotel is the lowest hotel and 5-star Hotel is the hotel of the highest quality, but perhaps now you will think that many hotels also know by the name of 7-star Hotel, what is their this.

By the way, all the services are present in 5-star hotels, that is, those hotels have a rating of five stars, which provide top level services and provide almost all types of services, but after that those hotels have some top-level hotel whose services are much better than 5-star Hotels.

  • Burj Al Arab (United Arab Emirates) Average 128000 INR (1753 USD) Per night
  • Signiel Seoul (South Korea) Average 30000 INR (410 USD) Per night
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace (Jodhpur, India) Average 37000 INR (506 USD) Per night
  • Taj Falaknuma Palace (India) Average 28000 INR (384 USD) Per night
  • signiel seoul (South Korea) Average 30000 INR (410 USD) Per night

7-star Hotels have very high rates. A person doing a normal job in these 7-star Hotels can never go because 7-star hotels have a per day cost more than their monthly salary.

However it is not necessary that all 7-star hotels are expensive, so if you are planning to stay in 7 stars then you can search, you will also get cheap 7-star hotels which will cost around 10000 INR (135 USD) per night. Although this is also not a very small amount, even many people do not earn much in a month then it would be a very expensive deal to stay for a single day.

But yes, if you do not have such a budget, then you can think about low rating hotels. You can think about hotels without ratings, those hotels are also very good and that too at low prices.


Motel Hotel is mainly on the side of the roads, although any type of hotel can be near the road, not just a roadside hotel called a motel, but motel services are somewhat different from usual hotels.

motels are located right near the road as petrol pump is present near the road, parking facility is available in a motel as the main purpose of the motel is for the travelers who travel by own vehicle.

Because when it comes to another traveler, they can stay at any hotel anywhere but those travelers who travel by their own vehicle prefer to stay in the hotel near the road because these travelers are traveling with their own vehicle, they also need a parking zone.

The motel can also be of different types such as more best services or fewer services, motel refers to Motor + Hotel, that is, such hotels are called motel which is the option of vehicle parking.

Capsule Hotel

Such hotels are called Capsule Hotel because their rooms are very small size, although capsule hotels are present in different sizes in different places, in many places their size is very small so small that you can easily lie down but it can be a bit difficult to stand, you cannot stand up in this room.

And at some places the size of the capsule hotels are somewhat larger, the height and width of the capsule of larger size are about 5 feet, capsule Hotel has this highest size, the capsule hotel also has rooms, but there is a plethora of capsule box in a room in which a person can lie down and sleep.

Youth Hotel (Hostel)

This type of hotel is specially designed for students because not all students can afford the usual hotel expenses because the student does not have any source of earning and students have to study along with staying.

In such a situation, it is very difficult for a middle-class family to handle the expenses of a normal hotel whose best option is a youth hotel i.e. hostel, and hostel are also of different types, their arrangement is also similar to the capsule hotel. Their cost is less.

Many youth hotels also have food and many youth hostels do not have food, students can choose hostels as per their convenience, hostels are also provided by many colleges.

Floating Hotel

Floating hotels are likewise ship-based, although their services are also different in different floating hotels but these hotels are not on the ground like normal hotels but float above the water so that the customers in these hotels experience a different class, definitely you will like this hotel very much.

The biggest advantage of the floating hotel is that this hotel will take you to different places, you will be taken to such places where there is plenty of water all around, although all floating hotels have a different policy which floating hotel you like you can book and enjoy the floating hotel.

Floating Hotel ie water vessels that are designed for hotels and make their trips are not less than a paradise. I would recommend enjoying such hotels once, yes, but their cost may be a bit higher, If you plan about a long-distance floating hotel, then it will cost more and less distance will cost less but you will get an amazing pleasure of staying in it.

Underwater Hotel

There are also hotels in many locations that are within the water. The roof and walls of such hotels are also transparent and opaque as there are different types of services, there are different designs for all, large windows of the room and transparent, it feels a luxury place and that can not be explain.

Over water

There are many such hotels present in the world, this kind of hotels will be found at the place, middle-class hotel, high-class hotel, luxury hotel, floating hotel, yes, above the water you will also find hotels that float. We have mentioned above.

Farmhouse Hotel

Since the agricultural area is very attractive, many people spend some time in such places, go to such places to enjoy agricultural areas, there are large scale hotels in various agricultural locations but in many agricultural locations Hotels are also present at a low level, where some rooms are available along with the food arrangements.

These hotels are very breathtaking, the atmosphere here is very pleasant, definitely, you would like to spend some time like this hotel, such hotels can also be run by individual family and also have staff, it depends on the owner. How does he want to run that hotel.

Pension Hotel

These hotels also present in almost all countries but their services are not the same in all places because these hotels are run by an individual family, these hotels are residential because these hotels are run by an individual family in a personal location, then very Pension hotels may also be slightly limited in some locations.

Many pension hotels have food drinking arrangements and in many places, only food is arranged (Restaurant), and in many places, only rooms available not food services, since they are run individually, everyone can handle the cost of this type of hotel.

Classic Hotels

Although all hotels are best for a specific condition, there are some of the best quality hotels that cost a little more, some are less and all are in different types of environments and locations, but classic hotels are the most in the world. This is because people make plans to go to other hotels and go to those hotels when they have the desire to travel in that type of environment.

But the classic hotel is the home of most people because no matter which purpose people are traveling to, they get many classic hotels around them, their quality is also very good, they also have different rates of different hotels.

Some classic hotels have restaurants and some are not in, but it doesn’t matter because there are a lot of restaurants around the hotel, but the advantage of having an internal restaurant in the hotel is that customers gets more convenience.

And the rent of classic hotels is also in everyone’s budget, with about 1000 – 3000 INR you can get Hotel with the best quality.

Hotel cost

The cost of the hotel depends on many things. There are many hotels that you will get at a cheap price, but there are many hotels which are very expensive, many are expensive hotels, you might not even think to stay there.

In Such a hotel a normal person can stay only for 1 – 2 days from the 1-month salary of a normal person, although not everyone uses such expensive hotels almost get the best hotels for 2000 – 5000 INR.

So if you are going out somewhere, are going to travel somewhere, are going for anything else, then there is nothing to fear, many cheap hotels will also be available, for around 500 – 1000 INR, all kinds of hotels will be present in all places. There are some more expensive ones at some cheaper prices, and according to your budget, you can decide what kind of hotel you should choose.

What is Hotel Management

Hotel management is also called HM in short.

When students complete 12th, they often get to hear about the word hotel management from various people, and in such a situation many people, many students do not understand what is hotel management because a hotel is a temporary place for living food.

So when you have gone to a hotel or you have gone to a big hotel, then you must have found many workers there and you must have seen that there is one or multiple teams to handle that whole system which is hired by the owner of that hotel. And is given a monthly salary.

So as far as a small hotel or restaurant is concerned, normally some people are hired as employees, but as far as some big hotels or restaurants are concerned, their employees are employed only through Hotel management.

Because hotel management is a complete system in which there are different types of courses and the student who does the course can get related hotel jobs.

Such as these are some of the courses in Hotel management

Diploma in Food and Beverage services
diploma in bakery and confectionery
Diploma in Front Office
Diploma in housekeeping
Diploma in food production

Hotel management is not a minor industry but is a very large industry, even in hotel management there are options for graduation and post-graduation, if you want to make your career in hotel management then you can these courses.

Such as bachelor of hospitality management, bachelor of hotel management, bachelor of hotel management in food and beverage, however along with these courses, there will be openings for you in hotel management and you can also post-graduation in hotel management if you want, And can get a good job in the Hotel.

So you have got, what is Hotel, what is the full form of Hotel, how many types of hotels are there etc. How did you like us, tell us in a comment, and share this article with your friends too.

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