What is SMS what is the full form of SMS

If you are a mobile user, it is impossible that you do not know what is SMS because SMS is a special feature of mobile, and today we will learn what is SMS and what is the full form of SMS.

By the way, everyone knows what is SMS is but maybe only 10 – 20% of people know what is the full form of SMS, people basically know SMS by the name of the message, although this is also true to some extent but not 100%. .

Because any information method can be called a message and that is why SMS is known as a message because SMS is also a messaging service.

Perhaps you too will know SMS by the name of the message, but we can also call those chats as a message which you send on WhatsApp but we cannot call them SMS but we can’t call them SMS but call them chat or normal messages.

What is SMS? What is the full form of SMS?

Let’s first know what is the full form of SMS then after that, we will know what is SMS

What is the full form of SMS

Full form of SMS – Short Message Service

What is sms and what is the full form of sms

The full form of SMS is short message service, it is called a short messaging service because through this you cannot chatting like Whatsapp, Imo, or other apps, but you can send short messages that can only include text.

So above we have described what is the full form of SMS and let’s know what is SMS

What is SMS

Although SMS is a short messaging service, it is more special than other chatting apps because SMS doesn’t require the internet and the best thing is that it doesn’t require an android phone or iPhone.

Rather, you can message on any phone from any phone, but you also have to pay per message.

You can’t send videos, photos, etc. through SMS as you send from Whatsapp you can only send texts through SMS.

But now almost nobody uses SMS because at this time only apps like WhatsApp, IMO are used for messaging and other chattings and it is much more advanced than normal SMS service, in this, you can send anything and That too for free.

SMS is also used a lot, but now internet users use SMS service very rarely, but the primary messaging method of companies and organizations is SMS.

But now SMS is not the primary method of people but SMS has become a secondary method and social networking apps have become their primary messaging method like Whatsapp, IMO, Facebook messenger, etc.

So you may now be thinking that social media apps may also cause the collapse of SMS service in the future, you are wrong because SMS is required to use social media apps.

If you want to use any app, website, you also need SMS service to use it, let’s take Whatsapp as an example

When you set up your account on WhatsApp, you also need SMS for that because only then your mobile number verification can be complete to create your account.

Even though the value of this time SMS has been reduced, but SMS is one of the essential and primary things SMS is a service that makes a lot of tasks easier, whether it is related to banking or job, or creating an account or using a social media app, anything anywhere, SMS is useful everywhere.

SMS plays an important role everywhere, it is difficult to imagine any service without SMS, if you have recharged your mobile number for unlimited calling, SMS, or bought an SMS pack then sending SMS will be very effective for you.

Because if you do not have an SMS pack or your phone will not be free, sending an SMS may cost you dearly.

Because if you don’t have an SMS pack or free calls/SMS pack recharge, sending SMS can be much more expensive.

So I hope you have found the best info about what is SMS and what is the full form of SMS, share this article with your friends now so that they also know what is SMS and what is the full form of SMS.

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