What is Ram what is the full form of Ram

Until a few times ago, most people were not aware of ram/rom, even they had no idea that there was anything named ram, what is Ram and what is the full form of Ram and that installed phones and computers.

And as far as this time is concerned, almost everyone knows about Ram, while buying a phone/laptop, we discuss about Ram, but perhaps most people will not know that what is the full form of ram.

So if you also do not know what is Ram and what is the full form of Ram, then this post is for you, in which you will get complete information about Ram, what is Ram, how much Ram is required for a phone or laptop, and What is the full form of RAM.

What is Ram, what is the full form of Ram

What is the full form of Ram

Full form of RAM – Random Access Memory

What is RAM what is the full form of RAM

Random-access memory is the full form of Ram, which everyone knows only by the name of Ram. Probably very few people will know about the full form of Ram and about the founder of RAM, don’t Worry everything is defined below.

What is Ram

Ram is such storage that serves to run the programs of mobile/computer because as far as media files, program files are stored in ROM, but they are processed by Ram.

Then whether you want to watch videos, gaming, or anything you want to do, that’s why Ram has much importance in all computers/phones
Because whether you are a computer user or a mobile user, everyone wants a fast experience, wants his computer to work fast, even for mobile, anyone doesn’t like to wait for any program if it responds slow.

But that’s where people does some mistakes and they overload their phone, obviously, if your phone or computer’s Ram is low, it will work slow, maybe a task can take more time than usual, your phone can hang during that time.

If your computer/mobile Ram is low, you will often encounter problems because a phone with low ram responds very slowly.

By the way, this is the not time that you can not find to buy a phone with the better ram because now there is a lot of laptops and phones with high Ram, now it is most important to know how much Ram is required for your phone or computer to work well without any hindrance.

Ram doesn’t have any data permanent save, but Ram is short-lived that used to process and store current program and for other background programs, it does not matter that you are using that program or its running in the background.

And Ram operates the activity that runs on your program and its data is saved in ROM, as if you capture a photo from the camera of your phone, then the camera will be operated through Ram but when you capture a photo/video Then it will be saved in ROM.

And when you turn off that program completely, Ram stops for that program, but there are still a lot of programs that are running in the background, and Ram is used for them.

That’s why when you run just a single program on your laptop/mobile, you will get better performance but if you run multiple programs at the same time, the performance will get automatically reduced.

How many types of Ram are there

Ram is mainly of two types, SRAM and DRAM,

What is the full form of SRAM

Full form of SRAM- Static Random Access Memory, SRAM was invented by John Schmidt

What is the full form of DRAM

Full form of DRAM – Dynamic Random Access Memory, DRAM was invented by Robert Heath Dennard.

How much Ram is required for the Phone

How much of your phone’s Ram should be depends on the habit of using your phone, how much you use, and what.

Because if you use the phone normally, and don’t load much, then the phone of 2 GB ram will also be perfect for you because now buying a phone with ram less than this is completely useless and at this time phones with 2 GB RAM are available at very cheap prices. Huh.

But if you use your phone too much, you should think about buying a phone with at least 3 GB ram, if your budget is better, think about the phone of 4 GB ram or even you can buy a phone with 3GB ram, that will perform smoothly.

But yes if you are fond of gaming, manag your work with mobile, you are a youtuber, blogger, etc. then it is necessary for you to have at least 4 GB Ram phone.

Although you can do all these things with a phone of 1 GB Ram, but for this, you should buy a phone that can perform better and does not have to wait much to run programs, your phone does not hang.

Because all these things may need to run a lot of programs and in such a situation they are not able to give better performance, so I would suggest you buy a phone with 4 GB RAM.

By the way, everyone buys around 8000 – 10000 INR (100 – 150 USD) phones at this time, so if you are planning to buy a phone around this budget, consider buying a phone with 4 GB RAM by spending money a bit more.

And if your budget is good, you can also consider about 6BG or 8 GB RAM.

How much Ram is required for Computer/Laptop

If you are planning to buy a laptop, then buy a laptop with at least 4 GB Ram because if you use a laptop with less Ram than this, then you will get upset, 4 GB Ram is necessary for the smooth performance of the laptop.
If you want more good performance then you can think about 6 GB Ram laptop but remember do not buy laptop less than 4 Gb Ram.

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