What is www and what is the full form of www

Because of the Internet, every task became much easier, the work that took months now is done in just a few seconds or minutes, and in it the biggest collaboration is of the Internet.

Yes, www has made the internet easier, so we will learn in this post what is the full form of www, but let’s first understand what is www so that you can understand www deeply.

If you search anything on the internet, even if you add or not to www with a URL while you search, but it gets www automatic add.

What is www? What is the full form of www

What is the full form of www

www’s full form-world wide web, www’s full form is the world wide web and it is also mentioned in the image below, you can also download the image.

What is full form of WWW

www is just a coordinate in a way or we can consider it as a purpose to make internet easier than ever because www is the system on which the internet is based, internet becomes much easier because when someone uses the internet, they directly open a website or page, apps, all websites are based on www.

Although the internet was invented much earlier than www, the development and use of the Internet became easier after the invention of www, and how easy it has become to use this time internet, you are seeing at yourself, and all kinds of contents are very easily found on the web.

www uses HTTP for internet requests, and we have told you in another post what is the full form of HTTP, if you want you can read that post for more information about HTTP just go to the search box type HTTP, you will get the post.

I hope you understood what is www and what is the full form of www, but if still you have questions related to www you can ask us in the comment.

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