Who is CEO What is the full form of CEO

There are many companies, organizations in the world, which have different posts and perform those functions under the post and one of them is the CEO, the CEO may be new to you but the most important position is and No company gives this position directly to any person, rather the process of selection of CEO is very tough.

Although as far as the basic information about the CEO is concerned, you will get the information in this post about what is CEO, what is the full form of the CEO, but if you want to know how to become a directly CEO in any company, it may be hard for you because no company normally selects any person as the CEO.

Who is CEO What is the full form of CEO

What is the full form of CEO

Full form of CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Who is CEO what is the full form of CEO

CEO is a Top post in any company, organization, etc there is no Top post than CEO, and the salary of a CEO is much higher than other posts and different types of companies pay a different type of salary package, the CEO’s income depends on the growth rate of that company.

Who called CEO

The CEO is the most endowed position of the company, the company follows the directions of the CEO, what have to do or not everything decides, yes, the CEO is the largest post, but the projects presented by the CEO will be implemented only when passed to that project by the board of directors

Because it may not be better for the company’s future to have the responsibility of the company only on just one officer because the CEO may take a decision that is not appropriate, it is the responsibility of the board of directors to analyze the project submitted by the CEO and take appropriate decisions, without the board of directors permission, CEO cannot take any new important decisions.

Because just project submission is not a big task, but it is also seen whether the company’s budget is compatible with that plan or not, the future prospects are seen in that project because the CEO can present any project but how much investment to do on that project is to launch the project. All these decisions are decided by the board of directors.

Although it is not necessary that the CEO should give the idea to start all the projects, any employee of the company can give any kind of suggestion, it is just the condition that the suggestion is in the interest of the company, and the quality of any person It leads him to the post of CEO, even if the person working in the company on any post, but if that person gives any suggestion to the company that the company likes, company benefits, it is obvious that the company will improve his post.

And if that person continues to work in the company and continues to give appropriate suggestions to the company, which are increasing the growth of the company, then perhaps the company can give a big post to that person even they can consider about CEO. because when a person can be the guide of the company without being the CEO, then the company can probably benefit more after becoming its CEO.

Therefore, it is our suggestion for every person that no matter which company you are in, work heartily, if there are flaws in that company then you can make the company aware of those flaws and also you can provide a suitable solution for that because In such a situation there are more chances of promotion.

How many CEOs are there in a company

All companies have only one CEO because CEO means the temporary owner of the company, who holds the reins of that company. In many companies, the founder of the company works as its CEO. The owner depends on whether he will hire the CEO for his company or himself will stay at that post.

How CEOs are hired

The CEO post is not a position to be hired because the company relies heavily on the CEO, the CEO is not selected as usual and if the CEO is selected like other job positions, it may not be as effective as the company should be.

CEOs are primarily hired in two ways, the first of which is the performance of an employee such as the current CEO of Google (Sundar Pichai) was selected, the selection of CEO of Google (Sundar Pichai) as the CEO. His ideas about the company made him perform, made him the CEO of that company, Sundar pichi, worked as a guide of google and gave the company appropriate suggestions and solutions, he worked for google as his own company And today he is the CEO of Google.

And the other condition is that you have been CEO or MD in some other company like that because there are many companies which cannot get the best CEO for themselves and they plan to choose a better CEO. And they have two ways to hire a new CEO, which we have told you here.

How to become CEO

Many people have the question of how to become CEO but to be CEO is not a game but to become a CEO of any person, a person who has to work on a normal post has to cross many obstacles and who constantly The company keeps thinking about it, the company grows with his thoughts and decisions, it increases the growth rate of the company, its chance of becoming CEO increases.

So whether the company is small or big, it does not matter at all if you want to become the CEO of that company. even without being the CEO, you have to think like an admin for that company, now what else should the company do to increase the company’s growth, What to do that company can beat other companies, what are the flaws in the company, what is their solution, this familiarity for the company can make you CEO.

But this does not mean that you will be selected as CEO in just one day, but the process of selection of CEO can be very long, the biggest thing is to think about the interest of the company. that too selflessly, if you think that if I give any suggestion to the company then what will be my benefit in that, then you can never become CEO.

Therefore, whichever company you are in, think about the interest of that company selflessly and give appropriate suggestions, even if you are not able to become CEO, but your promotion will definitely be.

Salary of the CEO

The CEO’s salary is difficult to estimate because the CEO’s salary is the highest and how much the salary will be depends on the growth of the company in which the person is the CEO. The salary of the CEO of a small company will be less and the salary of the CEO of a large company will be more.

It is not surprising that a CEO’s salary is in crores, there are many companies whose CEOs get a package of crores, even more than this, but maybe now you may have a question in which companies The owner of the company is the CEO himself, how much will his salary be, so I want to tell you that he does not need any salary package because if he is an owner himself then all the income belongs to him and he saves the expenses of the CEO.

Because the owner is holding the post of CEO himself and the owner can run the company with his ideas.

Responsibilities and Duties

By the way, a normal employee is given only a few tasks which he has to complete but as he gets promoted, his responsibilities and tasks increase and the CEO’s responsibilities are the highest because this is the position which is the biggest post. obviously, any decision of the CEO will affect the growth of the company.

It is the duty of a CEO to constantly present a new plan about the interest of the company, to consider to improve technologies, to make decisions so that the company can be expanded more and more because the CEO is the temporary admin of the company whose decisions are very important for the company during his tenure.

CEO Tenure

Although the tenure of all the posts in government jobs are fixed no post is fixed in the private sector, in the same way, the tenure of the CEO is not fixed as well, how much will be the tenure of that CEO depends on its functioning It may be that someone is removed from the post of CEO very soon in just a few years, or it may be that a person can remain in the post of CEO for a long time or maybe he can be a lifetime CEO. Keep glorifying the post.

Obviously, from time to time, technology and other resources are changing the working system, and if the CEO of the company continues to take a variety of important decisions, continues to be the company’s guide, continues to take the company to new heights, the person will continue to be the CEO for a long time because of such CEOs like every company.

Can the CEO take any decision for the company anytime

The CEO usually can manage the company but to take a new decision requires the permission of the board of directors as all decisions cannot be allowed only by the CEO.

Difference between CEO, owner, and founder

Many times people get misunderstanding that the CEO, founder, etc. are all the same and if you think the same then you are wrong because all of them have a lot of difference and their responsibility and way of working is different.

First comes the name of the founder, who has found that service/company, but it is not necessary that the company should operate it for a long time because every person cannot do everything, many times it happens that the founder can give his services to others After selling services/companies, the founder has no right over that company/service. Yes, but if the founder shares in it, then his stake will definitely remain in that company but he will not be the owner of that company.

As long as the founder operates his service/company by himself, he is its CEO, owner, founder, but if he wants, he can give the position of CEO to someone else after which he will be the founder and owner of that company.

But if the founder sells it, the owner will run it according to his ideas, and if the new owner wishes, he can act as its CEO himself, and if so desired the CEO can hire who will take over.

That is, there can be a founder – owner, and CEO but it is not necessary that the owner is the founder of that company, and the founder can also be the CEO but a hired CEO is not the founder or owner.

List of world’s top CEO’s

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon as well as the CEO and this is probably the reason that today jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world even though he is both the owner and CEO of amazon so he comes on the list of top CEO’s in the world.

Elon musk

Elon Musk has many businesses such as space-x, Tesla, etc., and Elon Musk is the CEO of all these businesses and Elon Musk, a person whose history is different from others, is very passionate and has achieved a lot in his life because of his passion.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is the most used social media in the world and its founder Mark Zuckerberg is also its CEO, yes the founders of most companies work as CEOs themselves.

Tim cook

Apple is the largest phone company found on 1 April 1976 by steve jobs and its current CEO is Tim cook.

Sundar Pichai

Google is the most used brand in the world today and its CEO is Sundar Pichai, who is from Tamil Nadu (India) Sundar Pichai gave very influential suggestions to google, very decisive suggestions and because of his Google’s fondness, Sundar Pichai became the CEO of Google.

Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella is the CEO of the world’s largest software company (Microsoft). Satya Nadella is an Indian, and the founder of Microsoft is bill gates.


It is very difficult to get the post of CEO. People who become CEO of any company organization become CEO because of their rationality and management and can increase the growth of the company and even can get it out of bad situations. If the perfect CEO is not hired, the company may also be on the verge of drowning.

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