How to make my computer faster, top tips to speed up computer

Due to frequent use, our computer/laptop often seems to work slower, which hinders our work. In such a condition, it seems that a new computer will have to be bought now. But there is nothing to worry about because your computer was fast at first, just because of the disorder your computer has slowed down. It is quite easy to fix and make your computer faster again

If your computer is slow due to use, the speed can be increased you can make your computer faster, but if your computer’s space and RAM are too low so that its initial speed was slow, you will not be able to increase the speed of your computer too much.

How to make my computer faster, speed up

Uninstall unused programs

Often we install a lot of software on our computer, some of which are useful and some are of no use, we never use them. And we don’t even care about our computer programs how many softwares we have installed. Often 2-4 redundant programs are installed in everyone’s computer, which we do not need at all.

If you want to speed up your computer, uninstall all the unused programs from your computer, just keep installed software that you need. It is often seen that people install about 4-5 browsers on their computer. And what is the need for so many softwares that do the same thing?

Although you can install as many software as you want, uninstall each software you don’t need. Just go to your computer’s control panel and click on uninstall a program. You’ll be able to see all your softwares, uninstall that you don’t need longer.

Uninstall apps

I asked you to uninstall unused softwares above that you might have done, but you’ll also have to delete unused apps. (You don’t have to do this if you use Windows 7) And if the thing is offline apps, then it is fine, but most of these apps also use the internet in the background.

Although their size is much less than the software, there are many to down the speed of your computer. And if the thing is an offline app, it’s ok, but more of these apps use the internet, making a difference to the computer’s speed, battery, internet speed. So uninstall all unused apps immediately.

  • Just search the setting by pressing the windows button on your computer and 0 Go to “PC setting”
  • Go to “Search and Apps” How to make my computer faster, Go to search and apps
  • Go to “App Sizes” Here you will find many apps installed on your computer which you probably do not need, Uninstall every app that you do not need Go to app sizes and remove them

Delete program setups from your computer

If you have downloaded software setups on your computer that you have not deleted after installing, delete them immediately. Because software setups increase the load on the computer much more than a normal file.

If your computer has 100 normal files such as songs, movies, etc, your computer’s speed won’t make much difference, but if there are 100 software setups in place of those 100 normal files, it can greatly reduce the speed of your computer.

Use antivirus

Our computer has a lot of errors cracked files that we can never manually check because the computer contains so many files that it is not possible to check them manually. Even after checking, we cannot ensure a file of how it is a file. OK, or it has errors, etc.

But if we use antivirus in our computer and scan the computer, the antivirus will give us all the information about what you need to fix in your computer, how many errors, cracked files, etc. And then you can remove all those errors very easily.

Clear prefetch, temp, %temp% files

All the methods mentioned here will make your computer much faster. But even after the computer is fast, when you run the regular 4-5 hours computer, some temporary files may cause the speed of your computer to be a little too down, depending on the use of the computer how many software you use. , how many are, etc.

So you need to remove some temporary files from your computer and then your computer will be fast.

Go manually into your computer’s prefetch file or prefetch type by pressing the Windows+R button and click on the OK button

Go to prefetch and lear it

Now the prefetch file will be open, delete all the files in it, press ctrl+A in the prefetch file and then press the delete button. Similarly, clean temp and %temp% files.

Clear recycle bin

Also clean the recycle bin so that help can be found in increasing the speed of the computer. Although recycle bin data is not active, it is saved on our computer, which puts an effect on the speed of the computer. Whenever you delete data, it goes to the recycle bin, so in such a way how many files your recycle bin will have.

And when you clean your prefetch, temp, %temp% files, the data will also go to the recycle bin, so your recycle bin will have too many files that need to be deleted.

Maintain hard disk space

Although disk space does not make much impact on speed, it can also be the reason for your computer to slow down if the computer doesn’t have at least 10% space free. Although speed mainly depends on RAM, but keep disk space at least 10 – 15 % empty.

Use CCleaner

You can take CCleaner’s help to fast your computer with CCleaner you can find your computer’s junk files and delete them easily. And for this, you will not have to worry too much, just in a few steps you can clean your computer through CCleaner.

  • Download the free version CCleaner from here and install it on your computer.
  • Once installed, open it and click on the Analyze button How to make my computer faster from the CCleaner
  • If you have opened a software in the meantime, CCleaner will ask to close it, “close all” or “skip all” Proceed to clean
  • Now wait until the process is complete and then click on the clean button Clean to make your computer faster

After such a process, the speed of your computer will surely be fast to a great extent and if the computer starts to respond slowly with constant use, follow the prefetch temp %temp% cleaning process which has mentioned above.

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