How to delete and disable Google search history

Are you a Google user, do you use Google’s services such as Google search, YouTube, etc. If you’re a Google user, you should take care of your data because Google creates the history of your activity.

Because in such a situation anyone can check your history very easily, what you used on the web, what you have searched for. Even they can see your YouTube history.

And perhaps no one likes that anyone can see their web history. And there are two options to avoid this, first, delete Google history and the other is to stop saving history.

Earlier, we have given you information on how to delete the history of the chrome web browser. If you do not know how to delete chrome web browser history, then you can delete the history of your chrome by getting information from here.

How to delete Google search history

First, you go to
Your Google search histories will appear here, if you want, you can delete them one by one, but perhaps it will be much harder because here is your entire Google search history which is not possible to delete one by one because their number may be very high.

So to delete the entire history at once, click on delete history by, now in it you will get the time range that how many days old history you want to delete, you can choose any time range like Last hour, Last day, Custom range or all time.

How to delete google search history

I would recommend to click on all time, all time

Click on the all time to delete your google history

Now it will give you all the Google products you use such as Search, image search, Video search, YouTube, Google play store, etc.

Mark those whose history you want to delete I’ll recommend Search, image search, Video search, YouTube. Mark them and click on next button

Select that you want to delete

Click on the Delete button. The histories you have marked will be deleted.

Click on the delete button to delete the history

Although your history till date has been deleted, Google will still create your further history and if you want, you can also stop it permanently after which Google will not create your history.

Let’s know how to disable Google search history

Deleting Google search history is very easy, just go to and click on the activity controls.
Here you’ll find the option of Web & App activity that’s now enabled, you have to disable it, after its disabled, Google will stop creating your history.

Click on the enable/disable button in the Web & app activity, which is currently enabled.

How to disable google search history

A pop up box will open in which you will be asked to confirm, click on the Pause button.

Disable google history

Google will no longer create your search history

Google Web & App also gives you the control of YouTube history, so you can pause YouTube history.

Scroll the same page to disable YouTube history and click on the enable/disable button in YouTube history and then click pause, your YouTube history will also not be created after disabling it.






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