How to increase Adsense CPC to maximize earning

Adsense CPC and clicks are the only things on which your Adsense earning depends. However, the click depends on the traffic of your blog, the more traffic on your blog, the more clicks you will get and you will be able to earn more and more. But no matter how many clicks you get, you will not be able to earn much from Adsense until your CPC will not increase.

Let’s say your existing Adsense CPC is 0.07 and you get 100 clicks per day. So your total earnings will be $0.07* 100 = $7
Only 7 $ on 100 clicks is unfair, we have to increase our CPC to increase our earning.
And if we have average CPC $0.5, we can earn much higher only on few clicks as $0.5*100 = $50.
Yes, you can get such good CPC, even better than that.

Low CPC is a major problem for Adsense publishers. Although not for everyone, most people have the same problem that their Adsense CPC is very low. And low CPC is a big reason that even after many clicks, there is not much earning. We have already published an article about how to increase Adsense earning in just few steps, if you have not yet read it, go and read it, this will give you ideas to increase your Adsense earnings.

If you also have Adsense CPC low, there is nothing to worry about, because almost every beginner’s CPC remains low and Adsense CPC increases over time, but if your CPC does not increase, it means that you’re not working according to AdSense’s policy.. Because if you follow Adsense’s policy, your Adsense CPC will definitely be quite good.

How to increase Adsense CPC

If you want to increase your Adsense earning, you have to implement all these steps on your blog.

Ad placement

Wrong ad placement is a very big reason for Adsense CPC to be low, are you also not a victim of wrong ad placement? If you have made a mistake in ad placement, do anything but you will not get very good CPC because it is a violation of Adsense rules.

But if you really want to earn money from Adsense, you’re an honest person, perhaps you will never do a wrong ad placement even by mistake you wouldn’t want something wrong with your Adsense account.

But if you want to make money through Adsense by tricking, your dream will be just a dream because it is not possible at all.

And as far as the matter of correct Adsense ad placement is concerned, you just have to take care that doesn’t place ads in any confusing place, nor place it in any place where there are chances of an accidental click.

And also take care that the ad is not covering the content. Because when the ads appear in such places, the value of the ads decreases, which is why you have to face low Adsense CPC. You can find more information about Adsense ad placement from here. How to do Adsense ad placement.


Definitely you will know about the keyword because the keyword is a very important requirement of our blog, we use the keyword in contents, I hope you will know about this, what is the keyword how to use in blog posts. Through keyword, we rank our blog posts in the search engine that gives traffic to our blog.

But when it comes to Adsense CPC, a keyword is the most important thing because CPC rates of all keywords are different. So, in this case, your CPC depends on your keywords. There are also keywords that will give you a CPC rate of less than 0. 10, and there are also high paying keywords from which you can also get $ 10+.

Now just imagine how much you can earn on at least clicks if you use the high paying keyword in your blog posts.

You can use keyword research tools to learn the CPC rates of keywords. You can also use Google’s official keyword research tool. But you will not get the fixed rate that the keyword research tools will show, “It may be less/more” because Adsense CPC is not just based on keyword, it depends on many facts along with user interest We are giving information about it here.

Ad units

Ad units are very important in Adsense CPC. The number of ads determines whether your CPC will be low or high. However, Adsense has no restriction on how many ads you can use on a page. You may have heard the three ad unit rule, but this restriction was removed some time ago so that you can place more than three ads on one page.

But you should consider yourself whether it is appropriate or not to put too much ad.

Although I would not refuse you to use 4 ads on one page, if you are using more than this, then I would highly recommend that you reduce its number to 4 because it has many disadvantages. The first thing is that users don’t like more ads. In such a situation the traffic on your blog may decrease. And on the other hand, And your CPC may also be low.

Yes, but it’s true that using fewer ad units will also give you fewer clicks, but no matter because some high CPC paying clicks are great compared to a lot of low CPC paying clicks. And the thing is to get fewer clicks, then you can experiment on your ads for that where your ad is getting more clicks. And in the condition of more than 4 ad units, you can remove the ad from which your earning is decreasing.

Experiment with Ad placement

Although our other content will give you complete information about how you should make ad placement so that your Adsense CPC can increase, but even then it cannot be said that how much your CPC will increase, increase or not. Although we’ve told you above that you have to use ads according to the page, you’ll get a better idea than that when you experiment with your ads

You don’t have to do much for this experiment, just you have to create different ads for every place in your blog and track them every day how your ads are performing.

That is as if you are using 5 ad units on one page, create different ads for all locations. (Don’t place any one ad at multi locations). Now let it stay for about 1 week and keep blogging. After 1 week check the performance of the last 7 days of the ad units. Whatever ad performance is the worst, remove that ad from the blog.

But if you have 4 ad units in your blog posts and you are earning well from all those ad locations, it’s not necessary to remove. But if you are using more than 4 ad units, you should reduce some ad units by experimenting on ad locations.

how to increase adsense cpc, Ad unit experiment

Use Invalid click protector

If ever you feel that fake/invalid clicks are happening on your ads, then you should try to protect them because such clicks can cause your CPC to be drastically down. Even the original clicks that get the best CPC rate, get down because of just a few invalid clicks.

Block ads

Adsense gives us full freedom that we can block any Adsense Adsense. You should go to your Adsense account and block ads whose impression% is high and earning % less when ads with low CPC don’t appear on your blog, your CPC/earning will definitely increase automatically.

How to increase adsense CPC, block ads

Try Adsense auto ad if you are bothered by ad placement (Optional)

Although I don’t recommend it highly because you can’t use it to put ad on the location you want. Adsense auto ad shows ads on the appropriate locations itself, thereby eliminating all problems associated with our ad placement. You can try it if you want. But as far as I am concerned, I used it for just 1 day and never did it after that.

Target high paying CPC countries

Definitely you will know that Adsense also decides the countrywide CPC rate, then you can also target countries for a high CPC rate. Whether there is any other way to increase Adsense CPC or not, it gives 100% positive results.

As you take USA, if your ad clicks are from the USA, your Adsense CPC will definitely be $0.5+. I get even higher CPC

Ad type

Adsense CPC also depends on what kind of ads you’re using because everyone’s performance and rates are different. If you use text/image ad, you will get a better result than other ads and Google also recommends this ad.

Switch blogging platform

Every blogger knows that there are many platforms for blogging, but the most popular two of them are WordPress, Blogspot. And if you’re still on the Blogspot, I highly recommend you move your blog to WordPress immediately. Because blogging on Blogspot is just a waste of time. And the CPC is also down on it. So if you want to be a successful blogger and also increase your Adsense CPC, you’ll need to move your blog from Blogspot to WordPress.

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