How to set caller tune in jio

If you are a Jio user, you can set ringtone on your number and delete ringtone through your Jio application. You will get all the controls in My Jio application. How to set ringtone in Jio.

How to set ringtone in Jio

First of all, My Jio application should be installed in your phone. And your phone should have internet connection and data. So that you can set ringtone on your Jio number using My Jio application. Because this entire process is online, it is very important that you are connected to the internet.

  1. Go to Google Play Store and Install My Jio Application
  2. Open My Jio application and login by entering your mobile number
  3. Click on mobile in my jio
  4. Click on Jio Tunes
  5. Click on your favorite tone Search here
  6. click on play button to play that ringtone
  7. Click on Set as my ringtone

Your selected ringtone will be set as ringtone on your Jio number. Whose information you will also get in your application. And also you will get an sms from this side which will tell you. Which tune and when has been activated on your number.

However, apart from this there are other methods using which you can set ringtone on your Jio number. But in those ways you may have some problem. Because in that condition you will have a lot of problem to search your favorite song or set it as your ringtone. But you can search your favorite song very easily by using My Jio application. And can set it as ringtone on your number.

How to change Jio ringtone

If you do not like the existing ringtone activated on your Jeevan number. So you can change it also, for which you have to follow the same procedure. By following the process you activated the ringtone on Jio number.

  1. Just open My Jio application and click on mobile
  2. click on ringtone
  3. Select or search for a song that you want to set over and over.
  4. Click on set as my ringtone of that ringtone.

The ringtone of your Jio number will be changed, which you will get an SMS notification about.

How to turn off Jio ringtone

To turn off the existing ringtone activated on your lifetime, you need to go to your My Jio application. And click on your existing ringtone and click on deactivate, and your jio ringtone will be turned off.

  1. First go to my jio app
  2. Click on mobile and click on jiotune
  3. Your ringtone will appear in Your current jiotunes, click on it.
  4. Click on Deactivate
  5. click ok

In this article you learned how to set caller tune in Jio and how to turn off Jio caller tune. We hope this information will prove useful for you.