What is Gmail, Gmail full form and Gmail meaning in english Gmail.com

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Gmail is a website on which Google hosts the accounts of its users, for example you can take [email protected] Whenever a user creates his Google account or Gmail account, his account will be with @gmail.com Which means that the email account is hosted on gmail.com.

But no user manages his gmail account from gmail.com nor checks his email from gmail.com, rather he does all the work on other domains of Google such as if it is about account management, then user does this through Google My Account.

Or even when it comes to checking Gmail, most users think that they are checking their email on gmail.com but this does not happen at all because they are checking their Gmail on another subdomain of Google which is is mail.google.com

But if you don’t have gmail.com account then you can create your account by visiting gmail.com because if you don’t have gmail account then gmail.com will send you to account creation page, just the way you want So to login you can also go to gmail.com and gmail.com will send you to google login page and if you are already logged in then you will be send to your gmail account where you can check your mails etc.

What is Gmail.com Gmail is the world’s most used mail service almost everyone uses it if you are an Android user, you will definitely use it because the Gmail account is required for android phones.

Because Gmail is a service of Google and everyone knows that Google is the number 1 IT company in the world at this time, Google has the most users in the world and it requires a Gmail account to use its services.

Today in this article we will know what is Gmail and what is the full form of Gmail so that you get full information about Gmail, Gmail was created by Google, that’s why Google uses only Gmail in its services. There are many mail providers which are also quite used such as yahoo mail, Yandex, Hotmail, etc.

Even though everyone uses Gmail but I’m sure 70% of Gmail users will not know the full form of Gmail, although the full form of Gmail is very easy, maybe you can also guess what is the full form of Gmail.


Gmail belongs to email, which was developed by Google, not just Gmail, but all other email services like yahoo mail, Hotmail, Yandex, etc. also belong to email.

Just like other email providers like yahoo created yahoo mail domain for their mail, Gmail is also a domain created by Google for their mailing service.

The only difference is that Google has used short form for its email, which is the very best option, and the Gmail name seems to be more professional too.

And Google has named it Gmail because of its uniqueness and its biggest reason is the full form of Gmail.

If you want, you can also call it a google account instead of Gmail because Gmail is a google account that is used for online tasks.

In this article you learned What is Gmail and full form of Gmail in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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