What is the full form of WHM

If you run a blog or website then surely you must have used WHM but if you are in the initial stage now and use a shared host then you will not have any information about WHM because WHM is not required in a shared host. , So if you are thinking about shifting on VPS from shared then it is more important for you to know what is WHM what is the full form of WHM.

Because in all host, customers do not get the same services, but different host services have different methods to manage them because it is difficult for everyone to manage host without any host manager application, either host management application can be developed itself and use.

What is the full form of WHM

Full form of WHM – Web Host Manager

What is the full form of WHM

What is WHM

WHM is a software developed to manage a web host, WHM has many features to manage a web host so that everyone can prepare a web host in just a few minutes without any additional information and If it is talked about managing a web host without WHM, then it is not possible by an individual because all the tasks without WHM will have to be done manually for which a lot of programming will have to do.

Although it is not the case that WHM is the only software to manage a web host, but many other web host managers exist, but WHM is a web host manager that is used by all the service provider companies and their customers can use WHM to setup their VPS host.

Because most of the websites are such whose founder or team does not know programming but they earn quite well through their website because at this time if you want to build a normal website, then you will not need programming at all because there are so many software available. Which will help to set up the server and launch the website without any programming knowledge.

Although setting up the server by itself may require a lot of expense and knowledge if you set up the server for commercial purposes, but if you want to create a general website blog then you can create it easily just you have to buy domain and host, and even its too cheap.

When I will get WHM

First of all, understand that there are many types of hosting such as shared, VPS, dedicated, manual.

Since WHM is a much better and Cpanel compatible software as both of them have been developed by cpanel.net and are present in the industry with the best feature and security, they are the most used.

Because if you ever use another hosting provider to host your blog/website, you will see that the Cpanel and WHM of that hosting provider are the same as your previous host, it does not mean that it is the primary method of the management of all the web host, but the reason is that all companies use WHM for their web hosting.

But in some conditions, you won’t get WHM (when you use shared hosting), shared hosting is a low-budget hosting it has a lot of limits and performance is also slow as a system is created for shared hosting, in which multiple customers hosts their websites.

Since everyone is hosted on the same server, WHM cannot be given to anyone in shared hosting, rather direct Cpanel is provided

WHM means root access, that is, you can fully control your web host, host multiple sites on the same host, etc. There are many facilities that exist in WHM. Your host server will be under your control.

Whereas in shared hosting, you cannot manage the host server but only and only manage your website, manage its files, etc. which is included in the features of Cpanel.

Since you have complete control over the web host from WHM, its setup is a bit harder than shared because different types of services like installer software are present on the shared which are the third party, and if you have to install WordPress then only a few clicks You can install, but you have to manually install the WordPress on the VPS host.

For which you will have to manually create and configure MySQL database, username, first you have to download WordPress from wordpress.org and upload it to your web host and configure it for MySQL database, although doing all this manually will sound a bit hard. But it is a very easy process, just has to be done manually.

If you do not have VPS hosting WHM will not be found but you can see the demo of WHM from https://trycpanel.net/. Although WHM is a paid software, but you do not have to pay any extra charge for WHM because the hosting provider will provide it.

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