What is Text, Full form of TXT in english

You will get to know about the TXT file through this article what is TXT, but before that, you must read about the extension because .TXT is an extension i.e. a file format.

Although there are many file formats/extensions available, but all extensions are used for different purposes and as far as the .TXT file is concerned, it is a very common file extension that handles the text page.

What is TXT

Full form of TXT – Text

What is the full form of TXT

TXT is a text file extension that means text file create if you ms word, Wordpad, you must have created TXT file because when you make documents and save through this software, it can add .txt.

By the way, this time is the time of social media and other messenger apps so that you can send anything to anyone by typing but such text can only contain normal words whereas TXT file contains the additional text.

For example, images, font style, color, etc, you can content add like a blog page in a TXT file, the .TXT file is not only used to only normally text files but also it used in websites a lot.

If you want to write long content, for that. .TXT file best because in TXT file you can optimize contents a lot which also requires big content.


No file format is directly implemented, but rather to implement extension “.” is an important part, although generally it is called TXT file and if you create a TXT file from a TXT editor then manually with TXT No need to add .txt manually because that software can implement .txt automatically.

But if you create a TXT file from any other software such as notepad, then you have to add “.txt” with your TXT file Add and after that your TXT file will be ready.

Benefits of TXT file

The biggest advantage of TXT file is that you can create a text file with smart editing, you can share that file anywhere like other files, that too in a very small size because the size of the texts will be very small.

But if you add images then the size will increase definitely because the size of the images is much more than the text.

And in the TXT file, it also depends on which software you create your TXT file because in some software you get a lot of content options for TXT file but in some software, very few features are available.

For example, if you use notepad, no feature will be available because notepad does not have any feature because notepad is multi purposely software, it creates all types of extensions, so no specific feature is given in it.

If you do not have a computer, you can also create a TXT file from your mobile, for which you can use text file creator or code editor file.

And as far as creating or printing a pdf file through TXT file is also easy because as far as printing is concerned, you can print any page using just ctrl + p but When it comes to creating a pdf file, you can con convert your txt file to PDF file just by printing, just choose file type “pdf”.

How to print a TXT file

To print a TXT file, first, open your .TXT file and give the command to print using ctrl + p, now if you want, you can also print it, and if you want you can make a pdf file of this TXT file.

By the way, the website is made from many types of files, which are in different types of extensions, and if there is a need for plain text, a . TXT file is used for that.

For example, if you are an AdSense publisher, you will know very well because all the AdSense publishers have to TXT file add in their blog/website.

In this article you learned What is Text and full form of TXT in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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