What is QR What is the full form of QR

If you use WhatsApp, UPI and so many apps, there are so many websites apps exist, if you are surfing the internet then you must have heard about the QR code and most people also know what is QR code but most people do not know what is the full form of QR.

And when you know what is the full form of the QR code, then you will be able to understand the QR code very well.

What is the full form of QR

Full form of QR – Quick Response

What is QR what is the full form of QR

What is QR

The QR code is a squared small random boxes that are randomly generated by the computer and that too by targeting a content.

You can also try it yourself. You will find a lot of QR codes that will redirect you on a webpage, QR codes are used for various purposes such as redirect a webpage, for verification, to store data.

Like in WhatsApp, which is the most used social media app, In this you get the option of verification through QR such as for contact verification.

Or to use Whatsapp on the computer via web.whatsapp.com or a site owner can create a QR for a webpage, even now there are QR codes of lessons in books which we can get information related to that lesson by scanning.

And the QR code is very important in the payment system because you know what is the full form of QR, that is, quick response, when it comes to UPI payment, then payment can be done without any additional detail through QR code. , And for the payment through QR code, shop owners print their QR code and apply it to their shops so that if the customer wants to make an online payment, then only by scanning that QR code can make the payment.

And the payment is made through that QR code because that QR code redirects to that person’s payment link and payment is made.

There are many websites, apps through which you can create QR codes for different types of purposes, and now there is also an option to generate QR codes in Desktop Google chrome, that too for free and in just one second.

Generating the QR code of any web page through chrome (desktop) is very easy. For Whichever page you want to create a QR code, open it in your desktop chrome and right-click on that web page, and click on Create QR code for this page.

Immediately chrome will generate the QR code of that page, then it does not matter whether the admin of that web page is you or not, and you can scan that QR code from your phone and reach that page, or if you want, you can send it to anyone and that person can scan the QR code and reach the page for the page which you were generated that code..

So you have got complete information about what QR code, what is the full form of QR, also share this article with your friends and also tell them what is the full form of QR.

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