What is the full form of cPanel

If you use a computer or are a website owner then surely you must have used cPanel because cPanel is a system from which a system is controlled, then today in this article, we get the complete information about cPanel that cPanel What is cPanel and what is the full form of cPanel.

Because without cPanel we may face problem in managing our web host/computer, although the cPanel of the computer is auto which we cannot change the cPanel of the server is manual which can also be changed. But there are some conditions in that too.

What is the full form of CPanel

Full form of Cpanel – Control Panel

What is Cpanel What is the full of Cpanel

Then it can be any cPanel like cPanel of computer which is known by the name of control panel and cPanel of web host.

What is cPanel

cPanel is a pre-programmed system (software) that helps us to manage the host of our website/blog, cPanel manages the host of a specific website while the web host is managed by WHM.

If you use shared hosting then you will get direct cPanel but if you use VPS hosting then you will get WHM also, but the task of managing the website is processed by cPanel and cPanel also has some condition.

If you buy VPS hosting, you will get multiple types of cPanel offers. You can select anyone, but when you use cPanel on shared hosting, you will also get third-party apps that will help you in website installation, etc. tasks but VPS You will not find any third-party app in the cPanel of VPS hosting.

Through cPanel you can directly access your host’s files and make changes to them, create subdomains, create custom email, etc. There are many features like that which are helpful for website/blog admin

Even features like security features, database management, leech protection, IP blocker, user management, DNS management, etc. are present which meets all the needs of an average blog/website admin and all these are also quite easy to manage.

If you have never Cpanel use before, and if you want to see the demo of cPanel, Go to https://cPanel.net/products/trial/ and click to “cPanel Virtual Tour”

If you buy a host from any hosting provider then you get the complete setup already installed but if you start your webserver then you have to manually install cPanel in your web server and also you will be charged for cPanel because cPanel Is a paid software.

Benefits of cPanel

cPanel has many advantages because manually setup is very hard, very high programming knowledge will be required even after that everything will be perfect it is difficult to say because manually doing this is a very big task but due to cPanel everything becomes very easy.

Because only through cPanel your website can be launched in just a few minutes and the threats of any kind of spamming or hacking are also very less because cPanel is very secured and easy to manage although it may be hard in the initial stage for everyone who has never used Cpanel.

Although a website can be created without cPanel, but to create a website like that, firstly one should have high tech knowledge of programming and secondly, even after good knowledge of programming, it will take too much time to launch the website, and in which there may be so many errors due towhich site can be hacked.

Although cPanel is used by every website, Large websites have their own developed cPanel because cPanel is developed based on what is the extension to operate a large website for which They have a large team of software engineers.

And not only their cPanel, but the whole system is also different from normal blog/websites because generally people create WordPress site and start their website/blog by buying a domain name and host by a service company, to run and manage that blog All the tools are pre-programmed.

But all the systems have been manually developed of a big and dynamic site, you have got basic information about cPanel. We hope you like the article “what is Cpanel what is the full form of cPanel.

And as we talked about the cPanel of the computer above, it is also cPanel, whether it is called normally control panel or cPanel, both are the same like we manage our site host through Cpanel exactly the same way we can manage our computer through our computer’s Control panel.

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