Difference between reset and hard Reset

When we want to reset our phone, then we get two options to reset the phone as normal and second hard reset, so many people have doubts in their mind that what is this both and what is the difference between them and by resetting. What will happen, and what will happen by doing a hard reset, although the result of both is the same but the way of working of both is different, and you can use both in different situations.

What is the difference between reset and hard reset

Both of these are used to reset the phone but normal reset is used to reset the phone itself, but hard reset is used till we have forgotten the password of our phone, or Want to break the password of a phone.

what is reset

When we reset our phone, all the data on our phone gets deleted, the contacts get deleted and the applications also get deleted, and our phone comes in the new phone condition like we have just right away. Just buy our new phone, and after that we have to reset our phone settings, add our gmail account, but we can reset our phone only if we know the current password of our phone, because When we reach the final stage of resetting the phone, we are asked for the existing password for confirmation, and if you enter the password, you will not be able to reset your phone, in such a situation you can use hard reset which is stated below.

what is hard reset

After hard reset, the phone comes to its original condition like we buy the phone, because even in this condition everything is reset of our phone’s media files, application contacts, etc., all files get deleted, and hard reset It is done when you have forgotten the password of your mobile, because when you forget the password of your mobile then you cannot open that mobile in any condition, in this situation you can hard reset your phone through hard reset. can reset.

For this it does not matter whether you know the current password of your phone or not, any person can hard reset the mobile of any person without his permission, and you can reset your phone from the setting of your phone. You can’t hard reset your phone, just for that you have to switch off your phone and hard reset your phone by using power + volume buttons.

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