How to Delete WhatsApp status

It is very easy to delete WhatsApp status, if you have accidentally posted a WhatsApp status that you did not want to do, then learn from this post and delete that WhatsApp status, delete WhatsApp status.

By the way, WhatsApp status is a very good feature that was not available on WhatsApp some time ago and WhatsApp has recently added the status feature which was added to it in 2017.

And status WhatsApp has become much more the best feature because with this we can make instant sharing and nobody has any problem.

Because if we share anything in Whatsapp status, then from your WhatsApp anyone can see it, there is no problem with it, and after 24 hours of posting, the status is automatically deleted.

How to delete WhatsApp status

WhatsApp status itself gets deleted after 24 hours, whether it is your status or anyone else’s it does not require the deletion.

But if you have mistakenly posted a photo, video, or text in WhatsApp status that is not appropriate or you do not want to show that post to everyone, then delete that status.

And you can send that video, photo, text to whatever you shared into your WhatsApp status directly to the people you want to show that content.

Or if you want, you can change the privacy of your WhatsApp status, after which only your selected people will be able to see your WhatsApp status, and your WhatsApp status will remain hidden from the other people.

That is, they will not even know that you have posted the status, so if you also want to hide your WhatsApp status from some people, read it how to hide your WhatsApp status for some people.

So let’s know how to delete WhatsApp status, and yes if you don’t know about posting WhatsApp status, learn to post WhatsApp status through this post now.

Deleting WhatsApp status

Open your WhatsApp and go to the status

Click on the status you posted

Click on my status

Now swipe up from the bottom

Click on delete button, your WhatsApp status will be deleted

How to delete my WhatsApp status

To confirm click on “Delete”

To confirm deletion click on delete

By the way, you have learned from the above process to delete WhatsApp status, but very rarely people will need to manually delete their WhatsApp status because it gets deleted after 24 hours itself.

After 24 hours, you can’t even stop your WhatsApp stauts from being deleted because WhatsApp has given its live timing only 24 hours.

So you’ve learned how to delete WhatsApp status, if the article proves helpful to you, share it now on social media, delete WhatsApp status.

Key points

What happens when you delete WhatsApp status?

When you delete your WhatsApp status, your status gets deleted for all your contacts who are viewing your status on WhatsApp but whose internet is off, they will be able to see your WhatsApp status even after status deletion And as soon as he turns on the internet, your status will be deleted in his phone too.

WhatsApp status deleted but still visible?

This is mainly because of internet connection, for your whatsapp status to be completely deleted it is necessary that both you and your contact is connected to internet, if internet is off then whatsapp status will not be deleted completely, you have to make sure that you were once connected to the internet after you’ve deleted the WhatsApp status, and any contact whose phone is showing your WhatsApp status also needs to be connected to the Internet once if their data is off, they will still be able to see your WhatsApp status and as soon as they connect to the internet, your WhatsApp status will be deleted in their phone too.

How to delete WhatsApp status for everyone

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