How to Delete Instagram Account

Over time, people are joining social media so that it has become much easier to connect with people and Instagram is also one of them.

But if you are an Instagram user and you don’t like Instagram or want to delete your Instagram account for some other reason, you can do it very easily.

About which you will get complete information here but before that, we want to know why you want to delete your Instagram account, however, you are free to delete your Instagram account.

But maybe we can help you and you do not need to delete your Instagram account if you want to delete your Instagram account due to its visibility, you can change it.

So there’s no point in you can change it, i.e., you can private your Instagram posts, after which only your follower will be able to see your posts.

And if you want to delete your account due to the account security issue, you can enable two-step verification in your Instagram account so that no one will be able to hack your account, So your reason to delete Instagram account is also over.

But if you still want to delete your Instagram account, you can but for this also you have two options Temporary deletion, Permanently deletion.

How to Delete instagram account temporarily

If you wish to use this Instagram account again in the future, temporary deletion is perfect for you, because this process will not delete any of your data such as photos, videos, etc.

The entire data of your Instagram account will be completely safe, and your account will not be available on Instagram, ie your account will be temporarily deleted.

And you can also reactivate your Instagram account again so I’ll recommend temporary deletion.

Deleting Instagram account temporary

Note: Whether you want to temporarily delete your Instagram account or permanently but if you use the Instagram app, you cannot delete your account so you will have to use a browser.

If you are a desktop user, you will definitely use the web browser, but if you are a mobile user, you can use any normal browser which is installed on almost all phones but use chrome for the best performance which is already installed in all android phones.

Click on your profile picture to delete your instagram account

Click on edit profile

Click on edit profile

Scroll the page and click on “Temporarily disable my account”

How to delete my instagram account temporarily

Select a reason to disable your Instagram account

Enter your password for verification, if you have forgotten your Instagram account password.

Enter your password and click on “Temporary disable account”

How to temporarily delete my Instagram account

To confirm click on “Yes”

Click on yes to confirm

Now your Instagram account will be disabled, now your Instagram account or your posts will not be found on Instagram unless you activate your Instagram account.

delete instagram account permanently

So as I’ve previously told you that you can’t disable or delete your account from the Instagram app so open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) and then go to this URL,

If you’re already logged in you’ll be accessed on the direct account deletion page but if you’re not logged in, enter your username and password and log in.

Select a reason to delete your account in “Why are you deleting your account?” as you can see here I have selected something else.

Enter your Instagram account password in the next box, you can’t delete your account without entering your password, and if you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset your password by clicking on forgot password .

How to permanently delete my Instagram account

Click on the “Permanently delete my account” button Now click on “ok” to confirm, your Instagram account will be deleted.

Click on ok to confirm

After permanently deleting your Instagram account will be completely deleted all your posts, you will never be able to reactivate this account in future.

So if you just want to close your Instagram account for a while, temporary deletion will be perfect for you because in this condition your Instagram account and all its posts will be safe, just will be hidden from Instagram.

And again you can reactivate your account at any time, so we’ve given you information on both ways that you find appropriate you can use.

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