How to Create Twitter Account

Twitter is also a social media site just like Facebook and is very popular too, though not everyone has an account on twitter like Facebook. You can use any social media in your own way, you just have to follow their policies. If you are a blogger, you must create your twitter account. I have already told in my previous article how social media sites prove to be very helpful for bloggers.

As you post on Facebook, you can also do it on Twitter which is called tweet on twitter. But it has some limits. That means you can type only 280 characters in a tweet.

How to Create Twitter account

First of all open in your browser and click on Sign up button

Enter your name and mobile number, you can use the email address instead of a mobile number. To create a twitter account from email instead of “mobile number” click on “use instead email” and enter your email address and click on next button ”

  • Click on sign up button Click on sign up button to create your Twitter account
  • Enter the Mobile number by entering your name (you can also use email id instead of the mobile number if you want to create your twitter account from email, click On Use email instead) Enter name and mobile number, email
  • The account verification code will come from twitter on your mobile number/email account, which you have put on this page. Enter Verification code
  • After entering the verification code, click on the Next button.
  • Enter a password for your Twitter account and click next button Enter password for your Twitter accouunt
  • Set profile picture on your twitter account, select and upload a picture from your computer by clicking on the Camera icon Set profile picture to your Twitter account
  • Enter your bio, you can proceed by clicking skip for now Enter bio
  • Now twitter will ask you to upload your contacts, you can also do otherwise Click on “Not now” Upload your contact on Twitter or leave it
  • Choose your languages and click next, you can choose single or multiple languages Select Languages
  • Select your interests and click on the Next button Select your interests and next it
  • Now you will be given some suggestions to follow, if you want, you can follow, then click next Follow peoples if you want
  • Twitter will ask you for notification, allow or skip if you want Allow or disallow notifications

Finally, your Twitter account has become ready now you can also share your blog posts on Twitter I hope you have no problem in creating your Twitter account. If you faced a problem in the meantime, we want to know about it, we will try to solve your problem.

And if you are a blogger, you must add the username to your Twitter account according to your blog, and you should also add the URL of your blog to your Twitter account, whose information you will find on our blog.

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How to create twitter account in mobile?

You can create your Twitter account in mobile in the same way just you have to install Twitter application to your mobile or use any browser and follow the method mentioned above

How to create twitter account without phone number

How to create twitter account link

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