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Today Facebook is a largest social media site in the world, people know anything or not, but definitely knows about Facebook (social media). At this time, almost every internet user uses Facebook. Even in the case of this time news, social media sites, apps, are playing a very important role. Like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. And one of these about Facebook today, we are going to tell you facebook.com account, Create Facebook account.

To create a Facebook account, all you need is a mobile number/email. And you can create your Facebook account very easily. If you are a blogger, it is even more important for you to create a Facebook account.

How to create Facebook account

  • First, go to Facebook.com. On the Facebook homepage itself, you’ll get the option of the sign up if you’ve opened Facebook on mobile Click on sign up.
  • Enter your name
  • Now in the next box, Enter your Mobile number or email id. If you don’t have an email address, you can create
  • Your email account by getting information from here. How to create an email account
  • Enter a password for your Facebook account
  • Select your date of birth
  • Select the gender and finally click on the Sign-up button, if you inserted a mobile number to create your
  • Facebook account, on the mobile number and if the email address was inserted, a verification code will come from Facebook on the email. Facebook.com account
  • Put that verification code on the Facebook verification page and click on the continue button and then click ok. Your Facebook account has been completely ready. You’ll be redirected to the Facebook homepage.

Facebook.com account

post on Facebook

I’ll suggest you to optimize your privacy, comment, etc setting before you post on Facebook. Like who can see your posts who can make comments, etc on your post. So that you don’t have any problems in the future.

You can click on write something here to post on Facebook such as photos, videos, texts, etc.

Facebook.com account

Facebook status

Facebook did not have the option of status some time ago, but Facebook added the status feature to Facebook along with adding the status feature to WhatsApp. Facebook Status deletes automatically after 24 hours of the post. So let’s know how to post Facebook status.

  • Click on +Add to your story on Facebook.com
  • Now you can attach videos, photos, you can also post texts. You can also delete your Facebook status if you want. But you won’t need to delete it, it will automatically delete after 24 hours.

But your social media profile is not complete right now, now you have to complete your Facebook profile.

complete your Facebook profile

If you have a link to your Facebook profile, you can go directly, otherwise open Facebook.com and click on your name to go to your Facebook profile. You’ll see your Facebook profile is completely empty right now that you have to complete. So first we will change our Facebook profile picture.

Change the Facebook profile picture

  • After you reach your Facebook profile, click on the camera icon (add photo) in the circle.
  • Click on +Upload photo and select an image from your computer that you want to set as your Facebook profile picture.
  • Now you can crop your picture as a circle if you want. Click on the Save button after cropping up. (Click on the skip cropping if you don’t want to crop image)

You can see that the profile picture has been added to your Facebook account. Now it’s the turn to learn

Change the cover photo of the Facebook account

  • Click on the Camera icon (Add cover photo).
  • If you want to upload a photo from your computer, click on the upload photo. And if you want to add a photo from Facebook cover photos to your cover photo, click on “select artwork”.
  • Select the image and drag it to move, if you want to reposition, finally, click on save changes.

The images in your Facebook account have been added and now it’s the turn to complete profile details.

add about yourself on Facebook

  • Click on “add bio” and describe yourself in the least words and click on the Save button.

Now it’s the turn to insert the most important information in your Facebook account (click save changes button if you make any changes)

  • Click on Current Town or City, you’ll find many options, insert whatever you want to add, leave the rest empty.
  • Click on work and education, in which you can put about your university, skills, and workplace, etc.
  • By clicking on contact and basic info, you can add and edit your basic info such as mobile number, email address, website, other social networks, etc.
  • Click on family and relationships, such as whether you’re single or married. In Family, you can add people who are on Facebook.
  • If you want to put more details in your Facebook profile, you can click on The Details about you.

Chat on Facebook

If you want to chat with anyone on Facebook, you can click on the messenger icon. Just a little window will open for chatting. Your previous chat will appear, click on someone’s to start chatting if you want, you can pick someone for chatting from the chat section.

Facebook.com account

If you want a better chatting experience through Facebook, open Facebook.com with /messages i.e. Facebook.com/messages, it will give you exactly the same experience as you find in messenger, facebook.com account, Create Facebook account

So your Facebook account has become completely ready let’s know about Facebook Login in Another device.

Facebook Login | How to login on Facebook

Now your Facebook account is completely ready and you are already logged in to Facebook, but if you want to login to Facebook in any other device, then here is the process for it.

  • First of all open facebook.com in this device in which you want to login facebook and enter your mobile number or email account through which you created your facebook account
  • And in the second box, enter the password of your Facebook account that you had entered while creating the Facebook account, after that click on the login button.

In the same way, you can open your Facebook account in any device, all you have to do is simply login Facebook.

Key points

Facebook login account password?

Many people forget their Facebook password, so there is a simple solution for this, go to Facebook and click on Forget Password, enter your mobile number and create a new password for your Facebook account.

Facebook login problem?

If the mobile number and password entered by you are correct but still you are not able to login to your Facebook account, then it may be that your account has been blocked in Facebook, it could be due to many reasons like your wrong activity. Or a malicious attack on your account, in this condition Facebook asks you to fill a form, you have to fill it and if everything is found appropriate, your Facebook account will be re-activated 

How to login on Facebook without mobile number

How to login on Facebook without password

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