How to Create Amazon account

If you want to shop online, the first and most important thing for that is an account, whether you are shopping from any site, you need to have an account on whatever site you want to shop.

And today we’re going to know about Amazon, i.e. sign up, Create my Amazon account, because Amazon is the world’s largest trusted eCommerce company, you’ll definitely want to shop from Amazon.

Although you can search for any product on Amazon and see products without creating an account, you will be able to proceed to purchase only when if you have an account.

So if you just want to search and see the products, you can from here but if you want to order a product on Amazon, create your account now.

How to create Amazon account with phone number

For Mobile users

First, go to the play store and install the Amazon app on your phone, but if you don’t want to use the Amazon app, you can also use your phone’s browser like chrome, firefox, etc.

Open the Amazon app and select your language

Now if you already have an Amazon account, you can sign in by clicking on “Already a customer? Sign in” but you do not have an Amazon account and you want to create so click on “New to Amazon? Create an account”. account

Or you can also skip by clicking “Skip sign in”.

If you’ve just installed the Amazon app, click on create an account according to the process above, and click on three lines if you’ve skipped login and click on “Hello. “Sign in”. account account

Click on create account
Name, enter your full name
Mobile number, enter your mobile number by selecting your country code
Set password, enter a password for your Amazon account
Click on verify mobile number

Although Amazon will now detect OTP itself and your mobile number will be verified, but if the mobile number you have entered has on another phone, click on “I’ll enter OTP myself” and verify the mobile number by entering the OTP sent by Amazon.

Click on Continue shopping

Your Amazon account is ready but only the account has been created but all its settings are left such as adding the address, profile picture, etc to your Amazon account.

For desktop users

How to create Amazon account

Open and click on Account & list account

Click on sign in

Click on create your account account

Your name, enter your name in
Enter your email address, if you don’t have an email, you can create your email account by getting information from here.

Password, enter a password for your Amazon account that will be used to login
Re-enter password, re-enter the same password in it
Click on Create your Amazon account. account

May be asked to solve captcha, if asked, solve captcha and click on “Continue” button.

Solve the captcha

Amazon will send an OTP to your email, enter that OTP and click on “Create your Amazon account”

Verify your email

Your Amazon account is ready, now you can shop from Amazon, just add your shipping address to your Amazon account.

If you are using the Amazon app to create an account on Amazon, you must have created your account through the mobile number so that your mobile number has been added to your account default.

But if you are a desktop user and have created your Amazon account via email, you must add the mobile number to your Amazon account so that you get all the notifications.

How to create Amazon account without phone number

create an amazon account at

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