cowin reference id, reference id

The vaccination of corona vaccine is happening very fast and thanks to the internet because everyone can easily register the vaccine sitting at home and visit the vaccination center to get the vaccine.

So in such a situation, many people are facing the problem of reference ID because when people go to the vaccination center, then in some cases they are asked for reference ID but they do not have reference ID, due to which They face little problem but no this is not a big problem.

And in this situation you have two ways by which you can get corona vaccine and if you are young or whatever age you are but if you use mobile and you yourself had registered cowin vaccine then There will not be a problem of reference ID.

Reference ID problem

  • If you have done online registration and want to go to a vaccination camp then you must have your reference ID.
  • If you have not registered online, then you can go to any corona vaccination camp/center and get the vaccine, you will not be asked for a reference ID or anything, just you should have aadhar card for your ID.

So we told above that if reference id is asked somewhere then you have two ways either you can cancel your booking by going online and get direct vaccine and second is login by going to portal and find reference id so that vaccination agent can process further.

cowin reference id, reference id

  • So first of all go to Portal and enter your mobile number and click on Continue and OTP will come on your mobile number and confirm it by entering it, now your registered account will be visible inside it, whether it is yours or someone else’s. Reference ID will also be visible in which the last 4 digits will be of red color and the same reference ID is asked at the vaccination center.
  • If you want, copy this corona reference id somewhere or you can take a screenshot and if you know to use mobile and can process online then you do not need to do anything you can login anytime You can get reference id from this process

Many times people get misunderstanding and they consider OTP as reference ID, then it is not so at all, both reference ID and OTP are different, if your reference ID is asked, then you will have to log in to your account. There you will get the reference ID of your account if you had booked online.