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If you want to make a website or you are owner of a website, then it is very important for you to use a contact delivery network and the content delivery network we are talking about is cloudflare, cloudflare world’s most used It is a content delivery network that provides various types of website related services, we would comment that you must use Cloudflare for your website so that your website remains secure and fast.

So in such a situation, first you have to create your Cloudflare account and after that you will be able to login to Cloudflare and see the related data from your website, here is the process of Cloudflare login and sign up.

Cloudflare Sign Up. How to Create Cloudflare Account

  • First click on the Sign Up Now button in the box above and enter your email address and below that enter a strong password for your Cloudflare account and click on the Sign Up button
  • In the next option, you have to add your domain name and proceed
  • Cloudflare will ask you about your plan, which plan you want to choose, in which you will get many options, if you are not yet share about cloudflare and can not invest then you can select free option
  • Now Cloudflare will scan all the records of your website and show their list Continue to continue
  • After this you have to change the DNS in your domain name which is the most important task of cloudflare installation if you do not change the dns server then cloudflare will not work
  • After processing by entering the domain of the website, you will see the DNS server names of Cloudflare, copied them and going to your domain name account, remove the old server name in the DNS server and put this server name
  • and in cloudflare click on check name server however immediately cloudflare will not be able to access your website it may take some time

Because whenever any dns change is done then propagation process goes in it which can take a little longer time its average time is 4 hours to 24 hours but if you are installing cloudflare then almost 1 to 2 hours or Within 4 hours your website will be live because Cloudflare propagation is very quick.

Also cloudflare will ask you for different types of settings, you can enable more settings according to your need and one of the most important setting in this is ssl you can use whatever you want and in ssl you get three options then You can use any SS oil if you want.

But remember if you also use subdomain and you have not installed SSL on it then you have to select flexible because if you do not select flexible then your subdomain will not work.

cloudflare login | cloudflare login page

If you are login to cloudflare and login again after a while you will reach your dashboard without entering your login credentials but if you were login a few days back then you have to login to cloudflare again because after a certain time Cloudflare logs out automatically and the process of Cloudflare login is very simple.

  • Simply click on the Login Now button in the table above and enter your Cloudflare email account on which you created your Cloudflare account
  • and just below that enter your password
  • You’ll be instantly logged into your Cloudflare account

cloudflare login error

Maybe you face some problems while login to cloudflare and it happens when you forget your cloudflare email account on which you created your account or you forget your password then its very Simple solution is you can reset your password

  • First of all go to cloudflare login page whose link is given in above table i.e. click on login no above
  • In that you will get the option of Forgot Password, click on it now enter your cloudflare email account on which you have account and continue verification link will be sent to your email account from cloudflare open that and create a new password for your cloudflare account And after that you will be able to login to your Cloudflare account very easily.

Advantages of Cloudflare

As we mentioned in the beginning itself, Cloudflare is an accountant delivery network and it is helpful for developers and website owners in various ways by providing security and speed features, some of which are available for free and others for free. You may have to pay because cloudflare still does not provide all the features yes but there is also a free option for a beginner so that he can install cloudflare on his website for free and make his website much more than before can be made safe.

should i use cloudflare

Yes, if you have a website, then we would recommend that you must use Cloudflare and if possible, then you should use its premium features because with this your website becomes much more secure and fast, which makes our website different. Keeps us safe from tax and at the same time it also helps us in search engine optimization.

And if you install Cloudflare once then it does not mean that it is a permanent setup but you can remove it whenever you want or you can bypass Cloudflare server if you want.

If you think that your website has been attacked, then during that time you can also enable cloudflare attack mode, this will give you many benefits, or if you want, you can also enable the challenge so that the attacker’s hacking system will be available on your website. and your website will be protected from being hacked.

Note: If you ever want the user to open your website through cloudflare server, access and connect directly to your host server, then its very simple solution, you have to load it in your cloudflare account and in that you will get the most from overview. Cloudflare pause option will be available, you have to enable it so that all users will be able to connect directly to your host server.

You should do this only when you want to do this only for some time because in this condition propagation will not be required and when there is no propagation then your website will not even be down whereas many times it is seen that direct point to the website To do this, people change their DNS.

So take special care that if you want to stop cloudflare only for some time then you pause cloud and if you want to remove cloudflare completely then you can change your dns server but remember that Whenever you make some changes in the dena server, the propagation will happen again, so whenever you change the dns server, you should try to do it at night when there is not much traffic.

Cloudflare Login | cloudflare login page

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