What is Class, Class meaning in english

In all children’s student life, Class is a temporary house from where the students acquire knowledge and make themselves capable for tomorrow’s world, to walk with the world, to do something for the tomorrow’s world’, and In all these, his temporary house means that class plays the duty of his primary house.

The classroom is not just a source of education, but along with education, different types of relationships are formed between students in the class, Class teaches students to stay in discipline, in the same way, class is used for different purposes.

What is Class

The classroom is a special kind of room or hall that is designed for a variety of study purposes. All students’ classrooms are designed, then it can be a class of young children and also of higher class, college, Classrooms are also prepared for the students of University.

Coaching centers also have their own designed classrooms in which the knowledge of various subjects is given to the students, the purpose of the class is not just from studies but also the classroom can be used for various purposes such as training purpose, meeting etc.

Classroom facility

The facilities of the classroom depend on many things which have a direct impact on the fees of the students. Some of the classrooms of the schools and colleges in rural areas are very low furnished which are not used at all in the cities.

There are many things such as thatch classroom, cladding classroom, soil, etc. In urban areas, Classrooms are fully furnished with the best quality chairs, tables, fan, light.

While most of the classrooms in the rural areas are much weaker, although there is an improvement over time in all things everywhere, in the same way, classrooms of schools in rural areas are also being improved but still, their quality is quite weak.

Many times during the rainy season the lights prove to be much more beneficial for the students due to very bad weather because in that season the day becomes very dark even during the day and the presence of light proves helpful.

Classroom structure

Although the structure of classrooms is only square, but their size can be small or big and it depends on the number of students of that class,


Seats are the most important part of the classroom because without seats, the class will be completely empty and there will be no means for the students to sit, different types of seats are used by different types of schools, colleges, mainly used seats are multi seater benches.

Single-seater benches are used in many schools and colleges. Such benches have the advantage of maximum in exam time because it makes it very easy for all students to maintain distance.

Classroom use for exams

Although students are taught in classrooms, on different types of occasions these rooms are used for different purposes such as for exams, at the time of exams the benches of classrooms are adjusted and the exams are prepared.

And after the exam is over, it is again converted into a normal classroom and the study continues.

Open class

In many schools in rural areas, classes are also conducted in the open, this is very common in rural areas, whether it is a private school or government school, and mat (sack, mat) is used for seating, and As far as the board is concerned, the blackboard is present when it is in the classroom, but when the class is run in the open, the support of triple sticks was taken for it and the blackboard was fixed on it.

That is, there is a portable blackboard for running classes in the open, however, they are declining over time and now fixed blackboard is used in classrooms by all schools.

Classroom maintenance

Once the classroom is ready to be used, continuous use causes a lot of problems in the room, such as the breaking of the tables, the breaking of the wall color, the damage to the floor, it also needs to be repaired from time to time. It is the responsibility of the school, college to get it repaired, otherwise, the classroom will be more damaged.

Classroom door

Normally only 1 door is used for homerooms, but in most classrooms multiple (2 doors) is used, which is very important because the single door is not enough for the movement of so many students, multiple doors are very helpful in the untoward situation because the students can in and out easily.


Blackboard is an important part of all classrooms because students are taught through the board, different types of instruction are given, the board is present in the front-middle of the classroom so that the board is completely clear to all the students.

Arrangement for Boys, Girls

In almost all the schools, colleges rooms are part divide and accordingly benches are also arranged on one side for boys arrangement and on the other side for girls while at the time of exams it is mixed

In this article you learned What is class and class meaning in english We hope this information will be useful for you.

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