How to Change Instagram username

While creating an Instagram account we get the option to set username and we put any username for our Instagram account, although we don’t get the exact username we’ve inserted.

Because someone has already taken that username but if you enter a username that is available, you can set that username in your Instagram account.

If you did not find a perfect username while creating your account, but if you want to change your Instagram username after creating your account, you can change it very easily, before that we have told in a post.

If you want, you can change the name of your Instagram account by reading that article. And almost the same process is to change the Instagram username too.

How to change instagram username

For Mobile Users

Open your Instagram mobile and click on your profile picture in the right footer

Click edit profile

Click on edit by clicking on your profile picture

Click on your existing username and enter a new username that you want to enter.

It may be that the username you entered is not available, in this case, you can check by adding another name.

How to change the username of Instagram account

After getting Username click on the Right button, the username of your Instagram account will change. If you are a desktop user, follow this process.

For desktop users

Hiding username

Open and click on your profile picture on the right top

Click on settings

How to change my Instagram account username

Click on your current username and enter a new username for your account, if the username you entered is not available, you can check it by entering another name.

Change your username

Scroll the page and click on submit.

The username of your Instagram account has changed, however, you can change your username whenever you want at an interval of 14 days, but that does not mean that you always keep changing your username.

So once plan about your Instagram account and keep a perfect username for your account and avoid changing your username repeatedly.

How many times can you change Instagram username

Why can’t I change my Instagram username

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