How to hide or remove date from WordPress blog post

By default, post date is enabled on all of them, whether it is a WordPress blog or Blogspot, that is, when we post any post on our WordPress blog, the posting date starts appearing in it. Date, month, and year all these appear in posts, but if you want, you can also hide the date … Read more

How to turn off automatically approval of WordPress comments

Does comments on your WordPress blog getting automatically approved and publisehd, if comments are automatically approved on your WordPress blog then this is a big problem. Although anyone can comment on any WordPress blog and if they are automatically approved, we can delete them very easily but suppose that fake comments are not having on … Read more

How to add tags in WordPress blog post

There are a lot of options on all blogging platforms to improve blog posts, such as category, tag, featured image, etc. and today we’ll talk about one of them. You will know how to add tags in WordPress blog post and if you are a beginner, then definitely you will not have a special idea … Read more