How to create WhatsApp link

Most of the people use direct WhatsApp messaging. And they do not yet have the ID that the link can also be used on WhatsApp. How to create WhatsApp link, Because if you want to see on any WhatsApp number, whose DP is on it, whose number is it. So most people save that number, … Read more

How to use two WhatsApp in one phone

WhatsApp is a very popular messenger. This is the reason why the whole world uses it, and even many people want to use more than one WhatsApp. But even he can’t do it even if he wants to. Because they have no idea about how to use two whatsapp in one phone. But you can … Read more

How to update WhatsApp

WhatsApp keeps updating itself from time to time, in which new features are added. How to update WhatsApp, And bugs are fixed, just like WhatsApp gets better than before. And when the update of WhatsApp comes, then for a few days you can run without updating WhatsApp. But after a certain time WhatsApp stops running … Read more

What is WhatsApp, Who invented WhatsApp

Everyone uses WhatsApp, because we can very easily send a text message or photo, video etc. What is whatsapp, Who invented WhatsApp, very easily and for free on WhatsApp. And that too with the least amount of data and the biggest thing is that we do not get to see any kind of advertisement. Because … Read more

How to delete WhatsApp account

You can create your account on WhatsApp whenever you want. And you can delete whenever you want, there is no restriction on WhatsApp. If you want to delete your WhatsApp account permanently, then absolutely you can. But if you want temporary deletion, then you do not need to delete your WhatsApp. You have an alternative. … Read more

How to send location on WhatsApp

If you are going somewhere, and a relative is also coming from the other side, you may have trouble finding each other. And you won’t know the actual location, where you two are. But both of you can also tell each other your actual location, whose option is present in WhatsApp. If you want, you … Read more

How to use WhatsApp on laptop

Everyone uses WhatsApp, which makes many of our tasks easier. But a lot of people want to have WhatsApp on their computer for a variety of tasks. But they are not able to use WhatsApp on their computer in the normal way, because there are three different situations to use WhatsApp on computer. Out of … Read more

How to create WhatsApp account

how to create whatsapp account open whatsapp and agree & continue Enter your number and click on Next and click on OK OTP will come on your number, enter it Next by setting your name and photo  Skip Backup Permission Your WhatsApp account has been created. Now you can do chatting and video calling etc. … Read more

What is WhatsApp web

WhatsApp is the most used messenger in the world. What is WhatsApp web, But users have a lot of problem when they want to use WhatsApp on their computer. Because can’t use WhatsApp on computer. The reason for this is that WhatsApp is designed for mobile but there are some other ways too. What is WhatsApp … Read more

How to delete WhatsApp group

Groups are a very good feature on WhatsApp. And WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world. So all your relatives and friends must also be using it. And if you have any such content (Photo, video, text, text, etc.). Which you want to send to some or all of your contacts. So … Read more

How to type style letter in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one such application which is the most used messenger in the world. And most people message in it only through normal text. and chatting with friends but if you want you can surprise them by using some different text. Yes, if you want, you can write text in style in WhatsApp. You can … Read more

How to change WhatsApp DP

You have a WhatsApp account, and you want to change your WhatsApp profile DP. So you can change in the way mentioned here, and if you have any WhatsApp group. So you can change his profile picture too. (Whether you are the admin of that WhatsApp group or not) Any member of the Whatsapp group … Read more

How to delete WhatsApp messages For me and everyone

If you have accidentally sent a message to someone on WhatsApp, then there is no need to worry at all. How to delete WhatsApp messages, You can also delete it. For which Facebook has not given a fixed time limit. And if not much time has passed since you sent that message. So you can … Read more

How to set fingerprint lock on WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp, then by definition you will be concerned about the security of your WhatsApp. How to set fingerprint lock on WhatsApp, If yes then you should add security feature to your WhatsApp, so that no one else can access your WhatsApp except you, there are many people for this. For example, you … Read more

How to create WhatsApp group link

WhatsApp is the most used messenger in the world, and it has direct messages, group messages as well as statuses. And if you create a WhatsApp group, then you can invite your friends in it through WhatsApp group link. Or if you want, you can also invite by QR code. And you can generate your … Read more

How to block WhatsApp number

It is obvious that your mobile number will be with your family members, friends, relatives only. But if any such person has got your mobile number. With whom you are not familiar, he can still message you on WhatsApp. how to block whatsapp number. But there’s nothing to be afraid of. You can also block … Read more

How to create WhatsApp backup

If you want to shift from one phone to another, then there are many challenges in such a situation. Because all the data of our old phone remains in our old phone only. And if we want it in our new phone too, then there are Google’s tools for Photos, Contacts, etc. And if you … Read more

How to use WhatsApp without mobile number

Well, you cannot use WhatsApp without a mobile number. Because to use WhatsApp you need to create an account. And when you want to create your account, a mobile number is required for that. So that your verification can be completed, then it is completely wrong to say that you can create WhatsApp without mobile … Read more

How to save number in WhatsApp

In Whatsapp chat, you can add any contact as per your wish, by the way, whatsapp automatically activates all your contacts by syncing them. How to save number in WhatsApp, All you have to do is start chatting with him, but how to add him a number in WhatsApp. It is also important to know … Read more

How to hide WhatsApp status

By default when you post any WhatsApp status, all your WhatsApp contacts can see your status. How to hide Whatsapp status, However, it will be deleted after 24 hours. If you want, you can delete even before that, but deletion is not the permanent solution, how to hide WhatsApp status. Because in such a situation … Read more

How to hide WhatsApp last seen

If you are a WhatsApp user, then any other WhatsApp user can find out about you very easily. When did you last come online, are you online at the present time, or not. how to hide whatsapp last seen But if you want that no one can see your last seen. So you can disable … Read more

How to use WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used messenger in the world. Which is used from ordinary person to professional, it is used for general chatting and even business purpose. Many companies also run their business on WhatsApp. And if you also want to use WhatsApp, then here we are giving you some such information. So that it … Read more

How to create WhatsApp group

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging app, and WhatsApp is also launching its own business version. How to create WhatsApp group, And that too has been downloaded a lot. But we will tell you about that in another post. WhatsApp group is the best option for instant messaging. So that with just one … Read more

Who developed WhatsApp

In this article you will learn, Who developed WhatsApp, WhatsApp was founded by two former Yahoo employees, Jan Koum and Brian Acton, in 2009. They launched the app in 2010, and it quickly gained popularity as a cross-platform instant messaging service. In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion, and both Koum and Acton continued … Read more