What is the full form of KBPS

If you use the internet, then you must have seen the header section of the phone KBPS or kb/s, and if you have not seen it means that your phone has an internet speed meter disabled or is not available, but no problem for this, you can download an additional internet speed meter and today … Read more

What is Map

Have you ever used a map, would have definitely used it, and there are different types of maps such as a physical map and virtual map and these are different types according to the map location, although at this time only used the virtual map, But some time ago physical map used to be a … Read more

What is Coding

If you use the internet and are interested in the internet, computer technology, then you must have read or heard about coding at some time but do you know what is coding and what are the benefits of coding and why coding is used. If you do not know what is created or developed by … Read more

What is Username

Have you ever been in such a situation that you have been asked to create a Username or have been asked to enter a Username, definitely, if you use the internet normally it will not be required,, but yes if you want to do any specific work. You may need a Username. But yes remember … Read more

What is Bug

If you are a blogger or a developer, you may have heard the name of Bug at some time, but when someone first hears the name of the bug, then there is a lot of doubt in his mind as “what is the bug” because of the error or any other word Everyone understands, but … Read more