How to hide WhatsApp status

By default, when you post any WhatsApp status, all your WhatsApp contacts can see your status, however, it will be deleted after 24 hours, if you want, you can delete it even before that but deletion is not a permanent solution. Because in such a situation your status gets deleted for everyone, but if you … Read more

How to delete WhatsApp status

It is very easy to delete WhatsApp status, if you have accidentally posted a WhatsApp status that you did not want to do, then learn from this post and delete that WhatsApp status, how to delete WhatsApp status. By the way, WhatsApp status is a very good feature that was not available on WhatsApp some … Read more

How to hide your mobile number from your Facebook account

If you use Facebook and you haven’t private your mobile number, your Facebook friends can find out your mobile number from your Facebook account. Which isn’t fair because it can give you spam calls that’s a big problem, although f you have made your friend only those people you know personally on Facebook, or you … Read more

How to turn off video autoplay on Facebook

If you are a Facebook user and videos are played automatically while using Facebook, this can be a big problem because when you scroll the page, the displayed video will play automatically. And even if we’re not interested in that video, still that video will be played automatically, although if you’re on the Facebook homepage … Read more

How to delete my WhatsApp account

You can create and delete your account on WhatsApp whenever you want, there is no restriction on WhatsApp and today in this post we will know how to delete your WhatsApp account. If you want to permanently delete your WhatsApp account, you can do it at all, but if you want temporary deletion, you do … Read more

How to enable two step verification in WhatsApp

Of course, WhatsApp is the world’s most popular social media app and is also trusted, this is the reason why people on WhatsApp are not afraid to share sensitive information. Although no one else can see or read your messages other than you and your recipients, but if someone opens your WhatsApp directly, they can … Read more