What is Bug

If you are a blogger or a developer, you may have heard the name of Bug at some time, but when someone first hears the name of the bug, then there is a lot of doubt in his mind as “what is the bug” because of the error or any other word Everyone understands, but … Read more

What is Captcha What is the full form of CAPTCHA

Today we will know what is CAPTCHA and what is the full form of CAPTCHA, everyone is using the internet because the internet is available everywhere and that too at a cheap rate, definitely you will also be using, and have you ever heard of robot or bot name, the bot is a Computer Programmed … Read more

How to safe my WordPress blog from hacking

WordPress is a world’s best cms and the preferred blogging platform of almost all bloggers is WordPress. Although WordPress is already quite secure if you want to protect your blog from hacking you have to implement a lot of security features on your blog, a lot of changes have to be made. Because if you’re … Read more