How to Cancel Facebook Friend Request

Today’s topic is Facebook Friends. unfriend someone on Facebook or delete, remove Facebook friend, how to cancel Facebook friend request.

If you have a limited friend request, there is no problem. But if you are receiving a lot of unwanted friend requests first of all you have to block unwanted friend requests so that everyone can not able to send you friend request.

How to stop Facebook friend requests

First of all we have to know that what is the reason that we’re getting a lot of unwanted friend requests.

First, stop these mistakes

Do not send too much friend request, and just only send them friend requests whom you are familiar.

I am going to tell you multiple ways to unfriend someone on Facebook.

  1. remove someone from your Facebook account
  2. Delete a friend request
  3. stop receiving unwanted friend request

Delete / unfriend someone from your Facebook account

Easily You can unfriend anyone from your Facebook account And if you want to remove that person permanently, you can spam them even after unfriending.

  1. Open your browser chrome, firefox etc. Open and login by your Facebook credentials.How to delete friend from facebook account
  2. Click on your name (If you opened it in phone, click on three lines and then click on your name). Now click on friends.How to remove facebook friends
  3. Finally, you will see your friend list, Now move your cursor on “friends” button of your friend which you want to delete.How to unfriend someone from facebook id
  4. You can see multiple options, but you have to click on unfriend.How to unfriend, friends from facebook

So finally you have learned to unfriend someone from Facebook, I think it’s very easy for you.

delete Facebook friend request

Sometimes we get unknown Facebook friend requests, we have to reject their request And just accept their friend request which you know.

  1. Removing friend request is too easy, for this you have to do nothing. Simply go to and click on “friends” icon.How to delete friend requests
  2. Now you can see your friend requests, click on view all to view all your friend requests, Now one by one click on “delete request” button.How to delete a facebook friend request
  3. If you want, you can click on mark as spam button to remove permanently, mean that after clicking on mark as spam they can’t send you friend request.How to delete a facebook friend request

But this is not enough because by this proccess you can remove only some people, Who has sent you friend request . So you to customize your setting and block permanently unwanted friend requests, so that any unknown person can’t send you friend request.

stop receiving unwanted friend requests

Facebook gives us many options which gives us a lot of settings for security and privacy. And we have to customize a privacy setting so that any unknown person can’t send you friend request.

Well the requests of unknown people are rare, because as I know, there are 300+ friends on my Facebook account, out of which only 8_10 unknown friend request was received.

But if you are getting more unknown friend requests, it means that you have sent friend request to many unknown peoples.

So first you stop sending friend request to unknown people, remove your every unknown friend and follow further process.

  1. Go to Facebook and log in into your account. Go to drop down menu and click on setting.How to unfriend someone on facebook
  2. Now on here you can see some general settings, click on privacy. You can see “who can send you friend request” option.How to unfriend, friends on facebook-min
  3. Click on edit and select “friends of friends”.How to unfriend someone on facebook

Now you will get minimum friend requests because now everyone will not be able to send you a friend request.

I have told you all the ways that you can remove any of your friend or friend requests. And if you want, you can stop getting friend request.

Now, whatever method you like, you can use that method, I hope this information will be usefull to you. In the comment, tell me whether this post helped you or not.

If you have a question related to this topic, discuss in the comment, and also give your feedback about this post. And one most important thing that if you like it then please share it with your lovely friends.

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