How to Block ads in chrome

Perhaps if you visit any website, you will get your desired content or not, but you will definitely get to see ads. Although most websites don’t show more than 3 ads on a page and I hope you won’t have any problems with those ads, there are a lot of websites that use too many ads and then the page loading time increases too much and having more ads makes the content too difficult to read because ads frequently distract

If you’re one of those who’ve been upset by watching ads, we’ll tell you the way that you will be able to block the ads in chrome, Firefox very easily. But I’ll recommend you don’t block ads. Because sometimes we’ve got very good deals/products through ads, which we don’t even expect.

There are many new trending things that we are unaware of, but they are known to us through ads. So if you’re blocking ads, you can lose some golden opportunities.

The most commonly used browsers are chrome and Firefox. And we’ll tell you about these two browsers in this article about to block ads in Chrome and Firefox browser

Both browsers are very popular, safe and strong, and both get the option to install extensions just let us simply install ad blocker extension in our browser and block the ads.

How to Block ads in chrome

  • First, open your Google Chrome browser
  • Go to more tools by clicking on three dots and click on Extensions block ads of Google chrome
  • Click on three lines in the left top and click on the Open chrome web store or direct go from here at the chrome web store block ads of Google chrome
  • By the way, there are many chrome extensions to block ads you can install any extension into your chrome browser as you wish.
  • Let us take Adblock plus for example.
  • Search Adblock plus on the Chrome extension website and click on the results in Adblock plus Click on the “Add to Chrome” button and then click on the “Add extension” button. Search and intall Adblockplus extenionClick on the add extension button

Adblock Plus extension has been installed in your chrome now all ads will be blocked on whichever site you visit in chrome.

Even though ad blocker is enabled, you can use most websites normally, there will be no problem, but when ad blocker is enabled you won’t be able to use websites that don’t have allowed ad blocker.

If there is no ad blocker allow on a website, when you open the website, you will get a notification in which you will be asked to disable the ad blocker, if you don’t disable the ad blocker, you won’t be able to use that website.

Disabling ad blocker

  • If you want to disable ad blocker for all websites, then go to chrome://extensions/ and disable Adblock plus. disable adblocker
  • But if you want to disable ad blocker for only one website then in your chrome browser, open the website on which you want to disable ad blocker.
  • Click on The ABP in the Extension bar and click enable/disable. Click on the disable button on a single site

Now your ad blocker has been disabled on this website.

Although I’ve already told you not to block ads because we can miss the best products and deals that we find very easily through ads, we can block intrusive and misleading ads through the internal setting of chrome.

block intrusive and misleading ads in chrome

  • Click on the setting by clicking on right top three dots by open Chrome
  • Click here on privacy and security and click on site setting block ads of Google chrome
  • Scroll the page and click on ads Click on ads to block intrusive and misleading ads in chrome
  • Enable misleading ad blocker button Block misleading and intruive ads in chrome
  • Now if you open a website that has intrusive or misleading ads, then chrome will automatically detect and block those ads.

In firefox

  • Open Firefox browser Click on three lines on Right-top and click on add-ons Block ads
  • Now click on Extensions and search Adblock, you will be redirected to Mozilla add-ons, “If you wish, you can go Mozilla add-ons from here, and search for AdBlock extension”. Click on AdBlock plus from the search results Click on extensions and search adblockplus
  • Now Click on the “+add to Firefox” button Click on the Add to Firefox
  • Click on add button to confirm Click on the +add to confirm
  • Extension has been added to your Firefox browser. Now any website that is open in your Firefox will not be able to show ads.

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